Monday, December 14, 2009

Secret #3

I was giving my boys a bath tonight after a full day with them, and decided to tackle another project. Our linen closet is in their bathroom, so I worked on that while they played. It really wasn't too bad, just needed some re-arranging and organizing. It probably only took 10 minutes...if I would just stay up on things!


I also organized our cubbies, and straightened up the table. I love Christmas time and having Christmas decorations out. I wish it were a little longer season, everyone's homes feel so cozy and welcoming.


Amy said...

Nice job on all the organizing! That is a great idea to tackle a little bit at a time so its not so overwhelming...And I totally agree about wishing we could keep the decorations out longer--it really is cozy!

Serena Coles said...

I wish the Christmas season would last longer too!!