Saturday, December 5, 2009

Secret #2

Here's my project I tackeled today (along with breakfast, a workout, cleaning the kitchen, brushing kids teeth, playing trains, sorting animals, putting stickers on paper airplanes, kissing a hand after a fake cry from Jakey, lunch, naps, know, the everyday grind). My coat closet is bad. It is, and really, it's not good now, but much better then it was. I admittedly do have a problem with buying sweatshirts and coats for myself and the boys...we have too many, but they are so cute! At this time of year, we stick to a few main jackets that are actually warm enough to do their job--keep us warm. So, instead of cramming or throwing jackets into our closet, I removed most of our jackets leaving just the essentials. Some I gave away, and some I just boxed up until the next season. The shoes on the bottom are a little more organized, though I did a major shoe purging a few weeks ago and boxed up all the summer shoes and got out the uggs and snow boots. This is mostly just for boots and tennis shoes as we each have a cubby with most of the boys shoes and some of mine are kept.



Two down, 48 projects to go! ;)

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