Monday, December 21, 2009

No More Secrets

Well folks...there are no more secrets for me in my closets...they are all done and organized! Andrew and I woke up this morning...after sleeping in until almost 9:30 (which meant we had to skip our workout, but I was so sore anyways it was good) and went into a cleaning and organizing frenzy. Andrew did most...ok all, of the cleaning, and I did all the organizing. I didn't have any time to take any before's and after's...I know, I know, you are all so disappointed, right? lol. There are actually two cupboards (in my bathroom) that I didn't do, but it's just a quick five minute job. Everything is done, I feel so free!!! What a great way to go into the holidays, so stress free. Here's the big question though...why today? Why all the jobs on my list today? Because my grandparents flew in today! yay!

Big deal you say, why all the cleaning and organizing? Because they are German. Ok, not just German, but Schmidts...which means that ocd runs through the Schmidt blood (I somehow missed it, but Noah got it). I could give some shout outs here to some of the ocd outbreaks that the Schmidts have had over the years, but I'll spare you, Uncle Derrick about telling them about your meticulously organized garage. And you, Mom, about how you straighten picture frames when you walk into a house, or you, Hannah, who I don't even know what you do, but you are. Everything is always perfect at a "Schmidt's" house...and I love it, actually, I'm jealous I didn't get the gene.

So that is why everything had to be perfect today. And thanks to my wonderful husband...we did it all! And we had a great afternoon and evening with my grandparents. Family is so special, and it was such a great reminder that being together is what's really special. I love my grandparents, and I miss all the other family we won't get to see this year, but hope that everyone has a very, Merry Christmas! And now, on to tomorrow where we are celebrating Christmas, and I'm making my first "holiday" meal ever...and it's for 16 people! My family and some good friends. Hope it turns out ok, they are all new recipes...


Hannah said...

trifle is done. minus the whipping cream to top. it looks BOMB if i say so myself.

excited for your game hens. and excited your house is tidy.

Nadia said...

Can't wait! I think it's all going to come together so nicely!