Sunday, December 27, 2009


We are having such a great time with family so far. It's always special to be able so spend time with all Andrew's family and cousins. Everyone is so helpful, so I get such a nice break and really get to enjoy everyone. We've taken lots of pictures on our Uncle's camera, so I'll work on getting some posted...

The boys were spoiled rotten, of course, and have more toys then we'll know what to do with...and some pretty styling clothes...including some j crew sweatshirts...adorable! They've been playing with all their cousins and uncles and even got to enjoy the snow in all their snowgear. Andrew and I got money, so I'm sure we'll all venture out soon and go SHOPPING! It's so fun shopping and not feeling guilty getting stuff;)

The holidays this year have been a great reminder of the value of family and spending time all together. Andrew and I really didn't get caught up in the "commercial" side of things, so we had a stress free holiday not worrying about gifts, and just focusing on the birth of our Savior! Although he did score a range card from me with 25 large buckets of balls, and I got a nice nike gift card...wonder we'll I'll be spending that? :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays Nods! I hope you all are enjoying your trip! Best wishes to you all!

Dad said...

Glad to hear you are having such a great time! We miss you all. I can picture the boys playing with everyone and having a so much fun. Say "Hi" to everyone for us. Love ya.