Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We had a fun evening with lots of little ones enjoying the experience! We went over to our friend's house with some other families from the club and had dinner and went trick-or-treating!

Noah was really into it this year, and actually got a little (ok, a lot) greedy grabbing handfuls when it was an option. Jakey got the hang of it and dragged his heavy bag up the steps and held out his hand and did his best "trick-or-treat," which was more like "hik-a-hea" but hey, cute nonetheless. I love my boys and love getting to do fun things like that with them!

All the little ones...aren't they all so cute!

My guys

Ladies Man...oh yeah:)

Mean faces

Getting ready to go!

Jakey and me out and about!

Look at all the good math skills we practiced...and ate:)

We were laughing about Halloween in general, and about how really we could buy the candy we actually like for ourselves instead of buying it for other people and then getting candy we don't really like...hmmm... something to think about:) But we love it, it's the experience, right?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun with Auntie Cole

Here are some pictures from when Nicole has been watching the can just tell they have fun with her! She's such a good Auntie! And I'm so proud of her, she's lost 23 pounds so far!

She makes the most elaborate train tracks and buys them new pieces it seems like every day:) But you know it gets ruined and re-built many times a day...sometimes beyond repair so we have to wait until "Cole" comes back.

Love that smile...since when is he so grown up? The boys LOVE their new pj's from Grammy:) It's hard to get them to wear anything else now!


Birthdays are a big deal to Andrew, and he always ends up feeling a little know, when you build something up in your mind and it lets you down a little? Well not this year! I threw him a surprise party tonight with some of our friends and family, and boy was it fun! If I do say so myself, everything went great! The food was good, lots of good company, lots of good help...we all got to enjoy the least I did:)

Here's him walking in the door, his reaction was so funny, and not what I was expecting:)

Here are some pictures of the night:

The birthday boy, Ben and Karen, Lauren and Paul, Luke, Jared, and Kyle...more people arrived right after this and I forgot to take a picture, I'm sorry guys!

Nicole, my mom, and Serena

Colby, Hannah, and my Dad

And of course, two of the honored guests...Jakey and Noah! They had two little friends over too. Noah was the star of the show at the end of the night, he beat almost everyone in Wii bowling:)
We had another "Cindy Boria" meal...and of course it did not disappoint! Oh how I love her recipes:) We had mashed potatoes (yes Dad, here's your shout out, you did a great job mashing them for me:), broccoli casserole (here's your shout out, Hannah, you were such an awesome helper today, thanks!), Caesar salad, and pork tenderloins with a thyme/Dijon mustard crust and blue cheese cream sauce. Yes, yes, it was absolutely amazing, thanks Cindy! oh, and how could I forget the pumpkin pie with my Nanny's amazing whipped cream recipie...a perfect finish!

My handsome husband!

Hannah, my amazing helper today and the birthday boy!

We had a busy day of Andrew working, and several play-dates for the kids, but with the amazing help of my sisters and parents, it was actually stress-free and enjoyable! My mom handled all the clean up, and Nicole watched the boys while we were nice! I know what you're thinking, how can cooking for 21 people be stress-free, but it was! We got a lot done ahead of time, and a few minutes after Andrew walked in the door and some more people arrived, we ate a hot (yes, everything was hot at one time! lol) meal! He was very surprised and we feel so blessed to have such caring family and friends.

And of coure Andrew with the parents!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Here are some home videos...nothing special, just a birthday day!


It's "that" week...the one of parent/teacher conferences. Two days off of school (yay!) and a time to meet and collaborate with parents and teachers. I've been involved in conferences for years, from sitting home anxious to hear what my teachers would say about me, to "student-led-conferences in elementary school, to having my own conferences with teachers in college, to sitting in on conferences during student teaching, mock-conferences in training courses, to now finally going to my OWN child's conference. I do have to say, it wasn't nearly as exciting as I thought it would be, but special none the less.

This kid cracks me up, and he does the same with his teacher. It was fun talking and comparing things we see at both school and home, such as the "collections" that he carries around with him. At school it's consisted of markers, bears, bunnies, and crayons, and at home it's ranged from markers to trains, to cars, to sharks, to candy. He is a hoarder--or as Ms. Dorothy kindly put it, a sorter/categorizer. He gets on these different kicks where he has to have these "collections" with him at all times, and has a very hard time sharing them, because he knows when one is missing. He lines them up, sorts them, puts his trains in line by number, makes sure everything is facing the same way, then carries them all around with him. It's funny.

He had a dress up day at his school that these pictures are from, and some are from Andrew's birthday today.

Happy Birthday to this Man...

24 wonderful years of life...all summed up in this picture:) Happy Birthday, Andrew! You are such a fun person to do life with, I'm glad it's you!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Surprise Date

After working out with my volleyball girls down at cross-fit in the morning, and then going straight to babysitting all afternoon, I was pretty tired. I got a phone call on my way home asking when I was going to be home from Andrew...why? Because he had planned a surprise date for us! He got me a hair cut at the nicest place in Happy Valley. It was so relaxing because the lady stayed late so we were the only ones there, no salon drama and gossip, so nice! Then he had my sister come over to watch the boys and we went out to dinner and did some shopping at the mall! Nothing super-special, but just nice to know I'm thought of and to spend some time just the two of us! Thanks, Andrew;)

We came home to these two monkeys:
And this little man...although these pictures were taken when Andrew had the boys a few days ago, don't worry, my sister is a better babysitter then that!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pretty in Pink

These are the awesomely funny people I've been spending the last few months with coaching volleyball! It's been quite the season, my team is undefeated and has taken either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in every tourney for the second year in a row (I'm just sayin').

Last night we had a breast cancer night where all the players and coaches wore pink in honor of and to raise money for Breast Cancer. It was quite the success, we raised a few hundred dollars, but more importantly the girls had a chance to get involved in a cause, something that's great to teach them to do. I'm the kind of coach that is always looking for the "life" lessons for the girl. Yes I care about volleyball too, but more importantly the kind of people we are training up in our program. That's why I do my Bible Study which has kept growing and will meet for our final one on Monday. Several girls asked if we could keep doing it, but with starting our foster care classes next week, I think it will be too much.

These are some of the girls I love and care so much about!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today I decided to turn down 2 (yes, two) jobs to have a day with my family. I got to take just Noah to preschool and spend the time watching him in the observation room. He was funny to watch, and as a mother you catch and notice all those little things. There was nothing special that happened, so don't bother reading on if you are looking for something exciting:)

He started out the day playing at the hands-on table with rice, flowers, and other natural objects, not really interacting with anyone. Then I should have known that he would move on to paper airplanes (he's brought one home every day since the second day of school). So he and his teacher made a paper airplane, then ran up to the loft and began to throw his airplane off over, and over, and over again. A poor teacher must have retrieved that airplane atleast 100 times, I mean, it was a good 15 minutes. I wanted to go in there and say, "Noah, who's job is that? (a phrase he hears often around here when he wants other people to do his "work") And not only that, but how about a thanks you after she retrieves your airplane! haha, only a mother would criticize those kinds of things.

They had circle time and then went outside, again, nothing really too exciting. It was funny though hearing him talk to his teachers and classmates, I love that boy. I am so proud of all he's doing, and just how well he's thriving at preschool! It was special to get to spend the day watching him and seeing what he's doing at school!

Nothing really exciting to blog about, sorry, but I want to be able to remember this years from now:)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

An Apple Weekend...

We had a weekend of doing apples with my mom and sister, Hannah to celebrate their birthdays! I guess I should be honest here, I showed up and ate lots of yummy food, and helped make caramel apples of all different kinds with Hannah. It's fun to come back and spend time at my parents house after moving out almost six months ago, we've only been over there twice! Though we do see them often as they watch the boys lots for us. :)

Andrew and Jakey, two beautiful boys

My parents and sisters

My family! We were not planning on taking family pictures, but it turned out ok.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

So ready...

I am so ready to get into our small group study tonight! We have awesome, fun friends that we get to spend time with, but most importantly, we are starting a marriage study, something I could use right now that's for sure! I'm excited because the book we are doing is called "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage," which sounds like it will be fun! I know every relationship has it's ups and downs, but I sure need a heart make-over and to learn how to just be a sweeter, kinder wife.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Oh Fall, how I love thee. Crisp, cool days, and all the activities that come along with fall. The start of every season is exciting, and by the time it's nearing the end, I am so ready to say good bye and excited for what's coming next. Isn't God smart with the way he planned and thought about those kind of details in our lives?

We spent the weekend watching a great friends kids, and had such a fun time together. We journeyed out to Canby to a dairy farm, and bounced on different inflatables, saw exotic animals (yes, there were probably 20 different animals including lions and tigers), rode the train, and of course got pumpkins. It's so fun now that both our boys are so into everything and really know what's going on.

The petting zoo never ceases to amaze these boys...I love both of their faces in these pictures.

This isn't even the best picture, but Jakey loved playing in these balls! He is very opinionated now in what he wants, and doesn't want to do. Where on earth would he get that from?

Love this boy...isn't it true that everyone's pumpkin shots turn out awesome? No matter what kind of camera you have, they are always some of my favs!

All of the gang!

He thinks he's the man...or the pig...

Andrew trying to "hide" from the picture...he refuses to be in any pictures right now...I just don't get it!

Me and Noah showing off his new necklaces he made at preschool. I never would have thought about doing those with Noah, but he LOVES them!
Yes, it's official, fall is here! There's something about uggs I love, and when they are on my boys...irresistible!

I've been working really hard for the past few months, and it all felt worth it when tonight I was able to pay for 9 nights in Hawaii with my love!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Trauma...Life in the ER

Well, an adventurous day it's been...after Noah's first week of preschool...which he loved, we were headed home together leaving the building, Jacob in my arms, and Noah skipping, jumping, happily flouncing back to our car, telling me all the joys of preschool. I figured he saw the light post directly in his path 20 feet ahead...18...15...12...5...2...NOAH! He ran straight into a metal, square light post and started screaming. I ran over, set/threw Jacob down, and put my hand up on Noah's head. When I moved it...I saw the blood that was running down my arm...yeah. I asked a Dad (a complete stranger) to watch Jacob (and I realized later I left my purse on the street) and ran with Noah back inside the building. I put Noah's sweatshirt on his head to apply pressure and control/soak up the massive amounts of blood that I did not want to get on my semi-new sweater (I know, I know, but that thought actually did cross my mind at some point)

The teachers kindly welcomed us back into the building with the, "Oh, did you forget somethi...OH MY GOODNESS!" and called 9-1-1. Thinking in my head, I knew that head wounds bleed a lot, and it might not be necessary, so removed the sweatshirt, only to unveil a huge split...I literally thought I could have stuck a piece of toast in the open slot on my child's head. Not feeling so good as a mother, I resolved to sitting on the floor, holding my screaming child...realizing I left my other child on the sidewalk with a stranger, hoping my purse was out there somewhere...

The ambulance came, they looked at him, decided he was going to be fine (phew, if they say that, then it really must be ok). Jacob was brought in and decided to poop, so I had a child with a hole in his head, and one rotting out the whole room. Changed the poop while Noah held the class snake (gross), and toured the ambulance, got in the car, and drove to meet Andrew at the ER. Praise the Lord for such amazing and trained teachers who calmly took care of my child, and as a fellow trained First Aid Certified teacher, I must admit they knew just what to do and were so helpful, and followed protocol perfectly. We are still thinking of something special to thank them.

So, five hours later, we were finally seen in the emergency room, my son's head still looked as though it had brain chunks (or just fatty tissue) pouring out of it. Noah pleaded for "blue" aka glue instead of the multiple stitches that would have been needed. The doctor agreed with Noah's professional opinion, as he didn't want to sedate and stitch a 3 year old and traumatize him (for the 2nd time) with stitches. As soon as they glued it back together, it actually didn't seem that bad at long as I can't toast any bread in my child's forehead, I think we'll all be ok.

So, in the end, Noah still had a great day at preschool, my purse and son were both safely returned, the house didn't get cleaned on my day off this week, and I am so thankful for such a happy, healthy, beautiful family, because you never know when something could happen that could change your life.