Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have noticed in the last few days, my children seem increasingly grouchy...and myself getting a little frustrated. I know that being a parent is tough, but I think this batch of grouchiness is brought on by me. My schedule is a little...ok, a lot crazy, and never really the same. I think my kids need that consistency to their schedules so they know what to expect. They never know if I'm coming or going, or staying or leaving. So Jakey clings and Noah whines. My kids don't really have a hard time leaving me to do church, a class, or preschool, whatever, but this last week they have. Noah started an exercise class at the gym, and cried! He didn't want me to leave him at preschool, and the teacher had to grab him from my leg. That's not like my boys. They are happy, and love to experience new things on their own. But I've not been giving them enough consistency at home for them to be sure of themselves as they leave on their own. They don't know if I'm going to be there for them when they are done...and I NEVER want my kids to feel like that.

Maybe I'm injecting my own feelings and "professional" education opinion, but I am so looking forward to tomorrow where I'm done subbing, and have the whole Christmas break with them, and then only have to work one day a week! I think it will be great to get my priorities back where they need to be now that a lot of the financial pressure is off of me, and I can just enjoy my kids and get into a good routine.


Amy said...

It's crazy how much our "stuff" affects our little ones. What a good mom to be so sensitive to their needs and to be willing to sacrifice for them.

Nadia said...

You are so sweet, Amy, thanks!