Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fishing with Uncle Jared

Well, we had a fishing afternoon, but it wasn't quite the day we imagined. After church we headed up to the lake to rent a boat for the afternoon. My parents had called in the morning to make sure there were going to be boats available, and they said it wouldn't be a problem getting one, but we could only reserve one if we were paying for the whole day, which we weren't. So we drove up there only to find all the boats taken, go figure. So, we decided to have our picnic and throw rocks into the lake and then go fishing from the shore.

Uncle Jared spent the night with Noah, so he joined us on our adventure. Here are some great pics of him and the boys. And I'm sure it goes without saying that he did make fun of Jacob's big head, and I quote, "Wow, Jacob, you must have really strong neck muscles to hold up that huge head of yours!" What can I say, our boys do have huge heads! Jared tells the best stories, so we enjoyed talking with Jared and catching up with him!

During the fishing part of our afternoon, we all walked over to Small Fry, which is a little part of the lake that they stock for anglers under 14 learning how to fish. We were there for about 45 minutes and Noah only had one bite. There wasn't too much activity, but we were also there in the middle of the day, not the best time for fishing. Finally, Noah caught a fish and we all were in shock for a second! When Noah was reeling in his fish, I don't think he really knew what was going on since he had five adults yelling and screaming in excitement:) I grabbed the video camera as fast as I could and got it just as he was pulling the fish out of the water. He didn't really like the fish all that much, at least he freaked out when he didn't want to touch it--until of course the car ride home when he asked to touch the fishy. See for yourselves in our clip of the afternoon with Jared. Thanks again Grammy, Auntie Karen, and Mom Mom for the video camera, we are loving using it and documenting all the special moments with the boys! The video is at the bottom, when I was importing it it came in with a few choppy parts, I'm not sure why, but I didn't want to take the time to fix it, so sorry!

Uncles in Kiawah

Just thought I'd share this short, 13 second clip of Jake and Luke in Kiawah. Luke in bench pressing Noah with Jillie and Jake, it's cute! Again, it's on this computer I never have, that's why the random timing.


Andrew has the new's actually kind of a funny story. When Andrew gets his mind set on something, he is very could say he has a one track mind--but a very determined one track mind at that. So, his great mind decided it wanted the new iPhone. Poor Cindy, Andrew's Mom, she must have heard ten times a day for two months about how badly Andrew wanted this stupid (actually sweet) phone. I stopped listening after the first day when we looked at how much the plans were:) So, Cindy, being the much better person between us two, said that she would get Andrew the phone!

So now we're back to Andrew's one track mind. As soon as she said yes after months of begging (what a strong woman to have held out that long, Andrew's quite convincing), Andrew had to get one on their launch day of course. So, he said there was going to be long lines to get one and he didn't want them to run out, so he had to spend the night outside AT&T. I went to visit him around ten, since I'm such a nice wife. I called him before I drove down there to see how he was doing and he said good, and there were probably around fifty people. 5-0. 50. So, again, being the cool wife I am, decided to surprise him with Pizza. I got two large pizzas, since I figured he'd want to share with all of his new nerdy buddies.

I pulled up to the store, and saw the fence they had set up to help control the line, and Andrew. I looked again, making sure I saw correctly, and I did. Sitting in his reclining chair outside of at&t was Andrew with this weird (and I do mean weird) guy, who was first in line I might add. So there were two, as in 1...2. 2 people. Good thing I got so much pizza! Of course I had to laugh and laugh at Andrew for being such a nerd, but, guess what, he got an iPhone and they didn't sell out! Andrew said people started showing up around five am, but I'm not sure if I actually believe him this time, heehee.

Anyways, the whole point of me telling you this story is that I got on my new computer (that I let Andrew use for school and I use the old laptop) and it has the pictures from his iPhone that are so funny! Unfortunately they are mostly of Noah, he seems to do a little more picture-worthy stuff then Jacob at this point. But here they are, I just died when I saw some of these! Enjoy!

Noah's stitches after falling out of his high chair when his tray wasn't on all the way.

I love my mommy...doesn't that just say it all?

Potty training...need I say more?
Learning to eat solids! In his atv that Nicole got for him...he's actually a good driver, part of me thinks this was intentional, should I be scared for the future?
I love chicks! Grammy got him these pj's from gap, they are my favorite!
Showing off his new hair cut in his Kiawah shirt!
On one of Andrew's hikes in Colorado.
Noah at the airport in outfit #2 (that's a whole nother throw-up story)
Noah on the way to the airport in outfit #1 (in my favorite nike dry-fit shirt that got thrown away with all the throw-up)
Andrew's parents and youngest brother on Luke's new iPhone
Noah playing with chalk at Nana and Papa's

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hiking and Bonding

Today I woke up early and spent the morning and early afternoon on a beautiful hike with our church hiking group. It was a great day for a hike up in the gorge, we went to two different falls, Elowa and Upper McCord Creek Falls, both beautiful. Even more then seeing the waterfalls, I just really enjoyed being out in nature again, I have felt very disconnected from nature lately, so it was great! I got to meet a nice group of ladies from our church and had some great conversations with all different types of people in very different places in their lives. In two weeks there is a harder hike, they alternate easier hikes and difficult hikes, every other weekend, so I'll be trying the difficult one next!

Along the outdoor theme, tomorrow we are renting a boat up at the lake and spending the afternoon after church fishing and boating with my parents, Nicole, and Andrew's brother, Jared! It will be great to see him, we haven't seen him since Jacob was born in the hospital! He won't believe how big Jacob is, and I can guarantee you he is going to make fun of Jacob's big head! We'll post pictures of that trip tomorrow.

That takes care of the hiking portion, now to the bonding. My freshman volleyball team went out for dinner tonight at Macaroni Grill, and of course it was amazing:) I love their bread! I never go out to eat, so that was a great treat. After dinner, we went to a college volleyball game where Beth, one of my coaches that works for me in the summer doing private lessons and camp (oh, and she's one of Hannah's best friends:), was playing. Beth played amazing and their team won! It was fun to see how many people came out to support her and to get to spend time with my group of amazing freshman! They are all such great kids, I feel really blessed to have such a great (and undefeated) team! (A girl on my team is giving me pics monday, so I'll edit this one and add them, everyone looked so cute in regular clothes!)

Oh, and just a side note, Hannah made it safely to England! We just got a quick e-mail from her, but she's there! You can check out her blog over on my links on the right side if you want her blog too! I just found this picture of Noah and thought it was so funny...and it goes along with the outdoor theme:) This one of Jacob totally does not as he is sitting in a plastic toy, but it's the coolest plastic toy around! Jacob (and I) LOVE the exersaucer!

Friday, September 26, 2008


"It's Friday...where's Cole?" Noah has asked me a million times today! He loves his auntie Cole, and she comes over and spends the night on Fridays! She takes Noah to the skateboarding park where he shows off his tricks and board that she has given him, to the pet shop to see all the fishies, or just to the park to play. Now that Jacob responds so much more, she doesn't put him down! She loves talking to him and making him smile, and is always teaching him new tricks! The latest is standing up on the couch.

The pictures on here are from visiting Nicole playing paintball a few weeks ago when Grandma Jean was here, Jacob was in the stroller watching her. The other ones are from when Nicole and our Aunt Janet took all the little cousins in Colorado to play mini golf! She's always doing something cool with them!

I love fridays because it means I get a break! When Nicole's here, she takes such good care of the boys and always has them entertained in some way! The boys are so lucky to have such a good Auntie. Andrew works on Friday nights managing at the club, so tonight my mom and I are going scrapbooking at a ladies house where she has the most adorable page ideas and you can buy four page spreads already cut up for you. You just have to assemble them and you have the cutest pages! It will be the perfect kind of scrapbooking for me at this point...I'm a little behind. My mom as a gift to the boys has done their first year of scrapbooks, and they are such a nice memory to have, but I haven't been the best about keeping Noah's up. I don't even have a full book yet:) Oh well, I have time!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ode to Hannah

Sadly, the time is almost upon us where Hannah is leaving for Capernwray, England and then Austria for 9 months. Of course we will miss Hannah, but I thought this would be a good time to evaluate the pro's and con's of Hannah leaving and to pay tribute to the amazing sister and auntie that she is. You are welcome for all the pictures of you, Hannah, now no more complaining!

Good things that will come from Hannah being gone:
-Noah and Jacob will have their own more roommate!
-My makeup, perfume, and gas will last longer
-My clothes will be in my closet when I want to go and wear them
-The house and boys will be a lot quieter
-No more teenage arguments/attitude
-Cleaner house

Bad things that will come from Hannah being gone:
-No more free babysitting
-No more free fashion and style advice
-No more help with my hair
-No more help with volleyball
-The house and boys will be a lot quieter
-Things will be way less fun!
-Jacob won't have Hannah to sing to him all the time
-Noah won't remember how to be "crazy," have sneaky eyes, and all the other cool tricks Hannah has taught him
-No one to run 1/2 marathons with
-No one to talk to that really wants to listen
-No one to listen to when you don't want to talk
-No one to set such a Godly example for me

I'm sure there's more, so I'll keep the list going...even after you're gone! In all seriousness, it's been so fun getting to live with you again, I love the person who you have become, you are on such a great track in life! I can't help but think that I shaped you into the person you are! We love you and have a great time on a grand adventure!

Nadia aka PC (perfect child)

Nicole is such a great auntie too...but she's not leaving! I will still give her an ode sometime too, just because she's amazing! Especially with the boys, Noah asks every day if it's Friday because that's the day that Nicole comes over!