Friday, December 11, 2009

Lifegroup Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Last night we celebrated with our lifegroup by having an "Ugly Sweater Party." It was so funny to see everyone hanging out in such ugly sweaters. Some were especially horendous...but I think that Nates was the one that cracked me up the most. He's our co-leader, and every time he spoke I wanted to laugh.

We joked about how 40 years from now, we'll look back at these pictures and think we had such good taste back then...actually, I hope that never happens.

It really means a lot to have such a supportive, fun group of friends that we can hang out with and laugh until we cry, cry because we need to cry, call in a hard time, and always have someone to hang out with, and have such good spiritual support. We can always be real with eachother, and go through life together. Thank you Lord for finally giving us the friends we've longed for.

Tracee and Phil
Christine and Jeff
Nate and Anne
Ben and Karen

Andrew and I A better picture of how horrible all our outfits were...

We were missing Paul and Lauren, but I'm sure Lauren would have been rocking an awesome sweater as a Kindergarten teacher!

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