Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas in NH 2009

Here are some pictures of our trip so far to New Hampshire. We are having a great time so far, and really enjoying family and being together.
Not sure which cropping I like better...

Brothers in their new J. Crew jackets from Auntie Karen...studs.

My boys
Love this picture in the snow with Grammy and Jilli
Big smiles
Pops and Noah playing
Me and my boy
Out for a walk with the dogs...Noah held the leash the whole time as we ran with them!
Happy Birthday, Laura!
Grammy and Jakey...we have this picture of Noah in her glasses too when he was little.
Love that smile...
My two boys:)
Out playing in the snow with their cousins.
Mom Mom and the girls

Here's to many more memories to be made this trip! 20 people all in one house are slowly leaving...I think we are down to 10 tomorrow:)


Dad said...

Love the photos! Looks so fun. Can I come?

Hannah said...

These are soo adorable.

Dad said...

we are enjoying the wonderful photos so much! Loving it here as well

Pappy and Nanny

Nadia said...

Miss you guys, but we are having a great you guys have snow now? It was too windy for us to even get outside today in the snow...-10F...