Monday, August 23, 2010

The Creek!

Today my boys joined the club of kids that I've taken hunting for crawdads in the creek. Growing up I did a lot of babysitting, and that was always one of our favorite summer activites! We tried last year, but Jakey was too small. He's the perfect age now! There's a creek right behind our house, so we went there. It's quite a climb to get down there...I think I'll find a different place next time. My boys, ok, Jakey, who is not scared of anything was a little freaked out, and by myself, it was a chore getting them up and down the steep incline. But we did it, and it was worth it! We saw lots of different creatures out there: snakes, butterflies, grasshoppers, dead birds, lots of bugs, and different creatures in the creek.

We started out picking blackberries, one of the boys favorite activities these days.

Then we moved on to throwing rocks and playing in the creek.
We went right after they gym, hence the way I look...
We were trying to get a picture using our timer...didn't get anything great, but that's ok!
And we ended up catching two crawdads and some snails! We took them home to show Nana and Papa and Dad, and then the boys are walking back to a different creek to put them back. But it sure has been fun watching them today! I love making memories with my boys:)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Field Video

Here's a video from playing with dad at the park a few months ago...we need to work on his form a little for grounders! But I love how Jakey is cheering him on in the background!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Enchanted Forrest

This last week, my parents took the boys to the Enchanted Forrest! The boys had a blast, and I'm sure my parents enjoyed it too;) All the pictures are on there computer, but here's one to start with:

I'm sure he was just loving that he could drive it all by himself! I love that the boys get to have these special times with their grandparents:)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Adventure with Hannah...

We went on an adventure with Hannah today that basically turned into a hide-and-seek-I'm-a-T-Rex-game. Hannah is much more adventurous then I, so we journied all the way over to Tryon Creek State Park. It was a very kid-friendly place where we had a picnic and enjoyed a little hike with the boys! I noticed how all of the pictures of Hannah somehow got erased on the way home....
me with my studs...
Love these boys!
He turned into a T-Rex for the last 1/2 of the trip.
This is how my boys roll...Jakey always trying to keep up with Noah!
Picnic lunch!
Growing up!


My boys love having sleepovers. They have only been on a handful themselves, but they love when friends come over and spend the night. A few weeks ago we had some friends spend the night. We swam and swam, and after I thought they were all worn out, we came back for showers, a movie, and sleep. It took a few hours for the kids to fall asleep, even after my best attempts. Here are the kids watching a movie...notice how mine are the two that are not sitting down watching a movie. Grrrr....Here's Gwennie....oh the sleeping arrangements. The boys wanted to sleep together...but on the top bunk. Gwennie wanted to sleep with them too...but she's a girl;) And she didn't want to sleep on the top bunk. So the boys decided to squish together and sleep on the top bunk. That lasted for about...oh, maybe 5 minutes:) So then I made a bed on the floor and they split up. I'm sure this is just the beginning of many sleepovers yet to come...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Seaside Again!

A few months ago, we went again to Seaside. It's one of our favorite beaches to go to because my parents have a great time share there and we can get bonus time:) These pictures are from the car ride seems like Jakey gets car sick every time we drive to the beach, but no where else! These are from before he got sick;)

The boys playing at the arcade...
Me and Jakey out to lunch!

I'm still working my way through Andrew's iPhone pictures, but I will try and get out my camera and take some pictures soon!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Baseball Buddies...

Here are my little studs playing baseball with some of our new friends, the Millers! It's been awesome finding some friends where our kids click so well, and Andrew enjoys hanging out so much with Scott, and of course I love hanging out with Sarah!
Here's the two Jakey's being pulled around at a bbq a few weeks ago, how weird is it that both of our Jacobs are called Jakey, and both of them have the same middle name, Thomas! Weird.
Jakey taking his turn, with Noah, Kai and I in the background after we played volleyball.
On the drive over...
Stud. Need I say more?

We've been playing lots of baseball with them, getting in lots of practice! Lots of swimming, running around, volleyball, eating, and laughs! We're blessed to have so many great friends to spend our summer with!

Brotherly Love...

One thing is for sure...these two boys love eachother!