Friday, October 31, 2008


Big surprise! Noah loved trick-or -treating! He got a good amount of candy...and he really got into going up and knocking on people's doors! Our last few houses he was ready to be done, but he did great! Jacob just wanted to hold the wrappers because of the noise they made, but I'm sure next year he'll love all the candy!
We went over to Nanny's house for a little bit and she taught me how to finish my dish cloth I had been knitting! It was definitely a practice one, but I feel like I'm picking it back up now. My Grandma Jean taught us when we were younger, and Nanny knits all the time when she watches the boys, so she taught me again! I bought really cute yarn for the boys for a scarf. She just casted it on for me tonight so I've been working on it.
Happy Halloween!

Batter Blasters

Just thought I'd tell you about the best tasting pancakes ever! We first tried them in a Costco Hawaii on demo, and I am ashamed to admit between Andrew, Hannah, and I, we must have gone back over 20 times. They are the best pancakes we've ever had. The secret is to spray the pan and make them small, they are sooo good! I just happened upon this video too, pretty funny, but it seriously is amazing!

Happy Halloween!

Here's a picture of the boys in their costumes...both of them were squeezed into them when we tried them on this morning, but I'm too cheap to buy them new ones for something they are going to wear for one day! They are both old ones from Noah:) My pumpkin and lion! I couldn't get one where they were both smiling, so I put up both pictures!

After we got the boys ready this morning, I had to get ready too, so I went for a jog! I did 3.5 miles in the rain and actually had a great time! I knew I was going to be eating some of Noah's candy...the I had to go burn off a few extra calories:)

We just put the boys down for naps and then are going over to a retirement home where the boys and I go and visit the residents. It's literally right behind our house, so nice and close! They are having a little trick or treating early, which actually works out really nice since Andrew has to leave for work at 3:30, he'll still get to see them go for a little bit. Then we're going to do the neighbors around us with Nanny, a grandma that lives around here that watches the boys for us a lot. After that...we are going to go to our friends houses with Auntie Cole so she can see them trick or treat as well! It will be a busy night, but Noah is sooo excited! This is his first year of really getting it.

Noah always asks to go outside on the front porch and look at the fall decorations my mom put up. There are lights on the deck and a pumpkin flag...nothing too exciting, but yesterday he was out there for a 1/2 hour just looking at the lights and walking from side to side on the sidewalk, whispering and pointing to himself all the different colors, and saying, "Oh wow! Look at dose!" All in a quite whisper as he was in his own world. Then he would notice the pumpkin flag and say, "Oh! Der is a punkin' flag!" and he would climb the steps to go look at it, then ask to go back down on the sidewalk to look at the lights. So cute.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy 23rd Birthday!

Yay! Andrew's birthday has come and gone...I guess not technically, he'd kill me if I forgot about the last 2 1/2 hours of it:) Last night when Andrew came home from school, the boys and I had decorated his room with tons of balloons (25 to be exact), roses (he had told me once that he would love to get flowers sometime), our new Arbonne candle, homemade cupcakes, and his presents! This was a big deal for me because I am normally not the most thoughtful person, but I tried to put more thought into his birthday this year so it would be special;) He opened up presents, the boys got him McDonalds gift cards, his favorite place ever! I don't support his McDonalds addiction, that's why it was just from the boys;) I got him the Nutrimen System from Arbonne, an underarmor shirt, some flannel pajama pants (Andrew is always asking for pajamas, and we've struck out with all our other attempts, but these ones are awesome!) and a costco pack of deodorant...nothing personal, Andrew's not a stinky guy, it's just something Andrew asked for!

Then today, we woke up to cranky boys...yay! Andrew went to Clubsport for physical therapy, then we met at Flying Pie for sausage pizza...jealous Boria's? Andrew's family always used to stop there for pizza after church growing up, and it's his favorite! The first time I met his whole family and went to church with them we got two huge pizzas and brought them home with us. I didn't want to eat too much because I had volleyball practice, but I think I still had 2 huge slices because it was so good! Andrew said they import their water from New York City to make the crust for the New York style...not sure if that's true, but it's amazing!

We came home and took naps...actually everyone but Andrew took naps;) He laid down, but then got up and went to...McDonalds! After naps we went to Nordstrom to pick up some jeans, and then to look at shoes for Andrew for work, and then to Old Navy and Sports Authority. We met my parents at Red you get the burger theme? I recorded them singing Happy Birthday to Andrew...I'll try and post it this weekend, Andrew hates that kind of stuff so was so embarrassed. It was funny;0

We finished up our evening with a dessert banquet for volleyball. I'm so sad my season is over, I really loved my girls and coaching! We came home and put the boys to bed then I ran out and got a movie, The Hulk, and a soda for Andrew from...McDonalds! I never do that, so it was a special birthday treat! heehee

Happy Birthday Andrew! You are such a great dad and husband and are doing such a good job of balancing work, school, being a dad, and husband. You have such great people skills and really will do well in life because of them! You are working really hard to do well in school, and it's really showing. Noah loves playing with you, and Jacob smiles every time he sees you. You make me proud with all your dreams...don't settle, you can do great things! I'm proud of you!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Jacob had his 6 month appointment today...yes, I know I'm a little late, but he's not quite 7 months. He was 28 inches long and 22 pounds! He was 95th percentile for weight, height, and head size...yes Jared, my boys to have big heads! I even said that to the doctor, and he said, "It's ok, we like big heads, there's plenty of room for a big brain!" So maybe it is true...hmmm. I know I'm bias because I'm his mom, but I really was reminded today that I have such a sweet boy (I guess two:). Jacob was so smiley and friendly to everyone, and he really was fun to play with 1 on 1 since Noah was at a friends house. He has such an easy-going personality and is so cute! It's a good thing, because now, after getting his shots, it's a different story! He won't let me put him down! My mom came home and said he seemed so happy, and he is! As long as he's being held. This doesn't work out so well with a cranky brother too! Right now Jacob is taking his first nap longer then ten minutes today (it's five!) and Noah is watching Lilo and Stitch, so I have a little break. Noah finally is sitting through tv! Did you ever think you would hear a mom excited about that?

Mt. Hood

We are home from our weekend up at the mountain, and we had a great time! The weather was perfect and everything was gorgeous up there! We celebrated Andrew's birthday and my mom's, had some delicious meals, and spent a lot of time outside and at the pool, or for me I guess I should say hot tub...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekend Away

We are headed up to the mountain this weekend, actually in a few hours to celebrate my mom's birthday as well as Andrew's! He's turning 23 in 5 days! We are staying in a cabin up at Mt. Hood RV Village, there's swimming, hiking, a playground, fishing... pretty much anything we could want to do all right there! I'll post some pictures when we get back! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All good things must come to an end...

I had to post about the awesome season that my volleyball team has had as it draws to a close. Tomorrow is our last game, we've lost one game and finished first in our league and first in 2 out of 3 tournaments that we have had. My girls played so hard and were awesome! I loved getting to coach at the high school level. In two weeks I start coaching 11 and 12 year olds through July, so that will be a whole different level, but I'm sure fun in a different way!

I've been working out a few days a week, but today decided to really step it up, so I took a class at the club (Clubsport Oregon). This wasn't just any regular class, as I normally take step, yoga, or strength classes, but this was an hour of jumping and legs...nonstop! I thought I was going to die pretty much the whole time. Actually, there were about two minutes where I was feeling good, then I realized I still had 58 minutes left! It is specialty class, so it costs extra, so I'm not going to do it that often, but I'll shoot for 1 day a week to keep me working hard! I still have ten pounds left, hopefully by Christmas I'll be at my goal!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch--actually, two of them. We went to one out in Canby that had a pumpkin train (kind of scary if you look at the pictures:) and a hay mountain. The other one was in Aurora and that one had all the animals and bounce houses, and all sorts of activities--more of a festival. Noah loved it of course and picked out the perfect pumpkin with dad. Here are a bunch of pictures from our day! We took some video, but I don't have time to upload, edit, and post it now, I'll add it on later. Happy Fall!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Family Hikes

We have so many beautiful places around us here, so we have decided as a family to take advantage of those places. Wednesday, we hiked Mt. Talbert as a family. Noah blazed the trail hiking the whole time by himself! Andrew and I commented several times about having to keep up with him, let alone being slowed down my him! He kept saying "I love it! Hiking's my favorite! We almost hiking (as he was traveling up the hill)" I don't know if he quite got the concept of what it was, but he had a great time. He made it up and down by himself, I was quite impressed.

Today we went down to the river just a few minutes from our house where Noah got to throw rocks, he's obsessed with rocks, thanks Nicole! Needless to say, he was in heaven today getting to throw rock after rock. It was a beautiful day again today, so we got to enjoy the nice weather and the leaves just beginning to change. There were some geese there that were so scary! They were surrounding us looking for food, so we gave up our peanuts in fear for our lives! At one point they had Jacob's stroller surrounded and I had to fight them off to get to him. They were hissing, and huge! They moved on after a few minutes, but I was actually scared! As we were leaving a lady and her dog came, and she said that he gets his exercise by chasing them around and swimming after them, so I was glad they were going to be tortured for a few minutes too!

Tomorrow we are off to music class and the pumpkin patch! I'll post all my pictures tomorrow, there are some pretty ones from today!

Happy Birthday to Nana!

I have been so late in posting because I can not find my camera cord... annoying! I am borrowing one tomorrow from my sister, so will add pictures to these posts tomorrow. Sorry, I know that's the best part of reading blogs.

Monday was my Mom's birthday, we walked hot chocolate over to her school and sang happy birthday with all her little kindergarteners, and then had a birthday dinner with strawberry shortcake to celebrate. She is such a blessing to our family in how she gives of herself constantly--watching the boys, cleaning up after us, and bending over backwards to help us out. We have a nice system going (or at least I think it's nice:) where I cook and she cleans. Don't tell her, but I think I'm getting the better deal.

Noah loves his Nana, every time the garage door goes up, he runs and opens the door and screams, "Hi Nana!" When he prays at night he says, "Dear God, thank you for Nana, and thank you for ... and thank you for Nana, and thank you for... and thank you for Nana." Thanks for all you do Nana we love you! Here's your late birthday post!