Thursday, December 17, 2009

Noah's Christmas Party

Today was Noah's preschool Christmas party! It was so fun to be able to bring our whole family in and share in a part of his day. Noah was so proud to have us all there and show us all around. On the way home I heard him talking to himself saying how it was such a special treat (that's what we say for candy or something really special) to play at his preschool with him. I also heard him saying, "No, no baby, (Jakey) you don't go to my preschool..." hmmm...

Noah is in love with Teacher Dorothy, who both I and Hannah worked with. (She still looks just the same) She does such a good job of letting him have time and helps him with "his ideas." She is very patient as he does the same thing EVERY day. It's always paper airplanes and necklaces. We've got quite the collection.

We had a little snack, made a holiday centerpiece, and just had time to play together in one of HIS special places. You could tell he was in his territory. Merry Christmas!

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