Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cookie Bake!

We had one of our annual Christmas traditions today, the Dornbecher Cookie Bake! Safeway opens up their bread plant and people come from near and far to bake cookies and support the hospital. It sells out within hours of opening the phone lines, lucky for me, I have my mom to sign us up with them:) We always go with the Winsteads...traditions!

Loved the sprinkles!
Lots of cookies, lots of fun. Jakey lasted for about two hours, Noah the whole four hours, though we should have gone home sooner for him. Things I learned for next year:
-bring two cars
-don't wear black uggs (Jakey thought it was funny to dump all the flour on my pants and boots)
-bring some toys
-don't have such a high stool...Jakey fell off a few times
-don't make so many cookies
-stick with a few simple cookie need to get fancy, who will notice?
Working hard...

Me and Bekers, friends through thick and thin!

My cookie Beka and Stacey made for me, a Hawaiian bikini gingerbread woman:)
Our family at the cookie bake!
The Winsteads and Andrew
My little helper...slash distraction

I do have to say, I was very good at "letting go" and just rolling (pun intended) with the flow. My cookies didn't turn out AMAZING! No fancy frosting for me this year, just slapping some icing on my trees, a few sprinkles from Noah, and we're calling it done! But hey, they'll taste just as good...hopefully!

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