Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

Tonight we celebrated Christmas Eve with some friends at our church. We love our church and feel so blessed to be a part of it and to have met so many awesome people. Being there all together was really special tonight. I also love how there are so many people from the community that attend their, from volleyball, the schools I work at, and friends.

We are all packed and ready to go now...we even took down all of our Christmas stuff tonight after church, so when we come back it will be done. It was a pain, but I know we'll be glad to be done.

These are some more frames I added up on the wall to our "brothers" pictures. I am hoping to get a wall sticker thing that has a quote about brothers to put in the middle and then add some more pictures on the bottom. I love how are boys are such buddies, and I really hope they always stay that way! Merry Christmas!

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