Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Almost Done!

Here's one of our family pictures from the beach today...I'm going to try and upload more here, but they seem to take forever. I have lots on facebook... cause I'm sure everyone wants to see them:) It was pretty windy so we didn't get any GREAT shots, but it's always nice to have lots of pictures! We've had a great time, though I'm ready to get back home and into a nice routine! We have one more full day tomorrow! 

The boys have loved seeing everyone and are so spoiled by so many hands to play and love! We are going to miss seeing everyone! 

Monday, July 27, 2009

Still Going Strong!

We are still having a great time here in Seabrook, an island in South Carolina. We've been relaxing, reading, playing lots of golf, eating, drinking, swimming, and enjoying lots of family! Our trip is already nearing the end, but we've enjoyed every moment! Only 3 days left! I have tons of pictures, but I can't upload them fast, so it will have to wait! 

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Life is Short

Life is short, there's no way around that. Wither it's 17 years, or 70, it's just a blink in light of eternity. So what are we living for? Last night I finished a life-changing book from Heather about Ernie Storey, a life-long missionary in Tenewek, Kenya. It was amazing the impact that one man had on so many people's eternity. Without going into detail (you should probably just read the book if you want to change your life, Miracle at Tenewek), this book really got me thinking about the legacy that I'm going to leave, and the impact I'm going to have on eternity. Combined with the fact that yesterday one of our volleyball players was killed in a car accident, it really hit home that you don't know when your last moments will be. I want to impact as many people as possible for Christ...so what am I doing? Not much, that's for sure. How many times did I have an opportunity to witness to her? Many. Did I? No. That hurts.

I am still trying to get all my thoughts and reactions together, but I do know this. I want to make an impact on this world...how am I going to do that?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Seabrook So Far..

We made it here to South Carolina safely and have been so enjoying our first few days! Everyone is so helpful with the boys and they are having a blast... so am I! We have been swimming at the beach, the different pools, and going for bike rides. Everyone loves the boys and enjoys playing with them! I'll post more pictures as we keep taking them. It's so nice to have some time just to relax and enjoy family we don't get to see often enough. I have lots of pictures up on facebook, they wouldn't upload here...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Miserable pretty much describes our first camping trip as just a family.

When we got married, we had a camping shower thrown by my parent's Supper Club group (a group that has dinner every month together and goes camping every summer) where we got all the gear we could ever need to start camping as a family. Well, it's all been sitting in our storage unit since then, just waiting to come out for it's maiden journey. We've been camping several times since then, but it's been in an rv or with other people where we haven't needed our stuff. So, we decided to head up to the beach for our first family camping trip.

I tried to have EVERYTHING thought through and all ready for Andrew (who grew up with his idea of camping as staying in a hotel that doesn't put a mint on your pillow) so that he would enjoy it and not get frustrated. I actually think I did a good job and we didn't have any problems in that regard. I had seen in the forecast that there were going to be some thunderstorms for a few hours after we got there, but figured we could just go over to the cheese factory...no biggie. What's a little rain to an Oregonian? Besides, after that it was supposed to be sunny the rest of the time.

Well, we got there and arrived to pouring rain that lasted through the night. Not a good start to our trip, but still optimistic, I convinced Andrew to help me set up the tent. So, we have a huge tent that I love because there is lots of room for all of us, the pack-n-play, our bags, and still some room for the kids to play. But...it is a hard tent to get up. Add on the fact that Andrew has never set up a tent, it's pouring rain, and that one of our tent poles broke (thank you duct tape), and it all adds up to one bad experience. Andrew gave up on it after about five minutes and said we were leaving, so I went over to some neighbors in their rv and asked for help. They joyfully agreed and came over and saved us. They helped us get our tent up and were my angels. But by this time, the inside of our tent was soaked, but fortunately I had packed enough towels to dry it out, so we survived. By this point, Andrew (who I really do love dearly) was pouting in the car saying he wasn't going to get out for the whole time. Mind you, it was raining, and getting muddy, but wasn't that cold and was still fun for the boys. So the boys and I walked around the campground, playing in every puddle, finding every drop of mud, and having a ball. We came back to Andrew still in the car, who had already gone through all the beer I brought for both of us. :) haha. I got the boys ready for bed and had a campfire with Andrew (who I had coxed out of the car for a few minutes) The night ended up fine, and we slept in the tent all together. :)

Ok, I need to summarize a little now, but pretty much, after some hard work of "remodeling" our campsite the next day (I hauled bags and bags of sand from the beach to our muddy campsite to make it useable for the boys), a little sunshine, and a little better attitude from Andrew, we ended up having a fun time, and I think we might do it again...just not in the rain:) I tell this story because of it's humor, not at all because I am mad at Andrew...it was funny, not frustrating. I told him that years from now when we are camping pros, we will look back on this story and laugh. The camera didn't even make it out of our car, but Andrew took a few pics on his iphone, I'll post them up soon. You can see how wet it was the first night!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

This post is a little late, but without my camera, I've had to wait to get pictures from a friend, thanks! But the good news is that yesterday when I was cleaning out the pantry, I found my battery in the snack basket, mixed in with the fruit leathers and trail mix bars.:) I was ecstatic!!! I am so glad I didn't spend the $60 for a new one...I'm blaming Jakey for the loss, he likes to go and try and sneak a snack from the basket.

Anyways, for the 4th, I ran my 1/2 marathon in the morning, which went really well, I finished 6 seconds below my goal at 1:59:54...barely beat it! My average pace was 9:09, but there were definitely some miles slower, and a few faster:) We all did really well, and it was so fun to do with some fun girlfriends! It was easy to spot eachother with our shorts. haha.

So then we came home and went swimming all together in the pool, it was Andrew's first time in the pool, and I think he had fun, so hopefully he'll go again with us soon. We then gave the boys naps and headed over to the park, something that I LOVE and we have been doing it since I was a little girl. Some friends from the gym and church were having a bbq, so we headed over there then back to the park for the fireworks. It ended up being a fun day, but I was a little (ok, lot?) cranky by the end of the night, I think I was just exhausted! Hope you had a great 4th too! Thanks for all those who have played a part in giving us the freedoms we so freely enjoy!

Monday, July 6, 2009

You Choose...

Tonight we were driving home in the car from some friend's house and Noah wanted a fruit snack we had just bought at the store. He had just had a cookie, so I said no! (I know, I'm a mean mom, but I'm ok with that) So after whining and being ignored, he regrouped and said very calmly, "Ok. You choose. I can have one in the car or when I get home. You choose." What am I supposed to do with that?!? So I chose in the car...after I busted up laughing! haha.

I do need to give you a little background that today during my little "spa day," my reward after my race, I was reading my love and logic parenting book which reminded me of what I should be doing and saying to the boys. One of the "key" things is giving two choices that are both ok with you and get accomplished the way you want. For example, "Would you like to walk to your time-out chair or would you like to be carried." This one was used today, and he didn't choose, so was carried. :) Anyways, so after a day of lots of choices, he has already caught on and is training me aparently! Can't wait 'til all the funny moments we will have as the boys are growing up!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Close to the Heart of God

Today are AWESOME church (www.coolchurch.com) had service outside at Happy Valley Park, where our big 4th of July celebration takes place in the community, and our church plays a big part in making it happen! After yesterday and just having a really long day, I almost opted out for just staying home and laying in bed. But, I pried myself out of bed, with Andrew's help gave the boys baths and headed out the door, just me and the boys (Andrew has to work now at 11 on Sundays, and their wasn't a Saturday service this week). This was another reason I didn't want to go, was sitting for two hours in the sun with two busy boys, by myself didn't sound like fun. **correction** Noah is fine, he's 3, but Jacob is 15 months and all over the place...he wears me out!

After arriving, we ended up sitting by an awesome couple from our life group who saved me by helping out so much with the boys. The concert was going on, and the boys were dancing to the music...it was cute. I pulled out reinforcements (blueberries, trail mix bars, and goldfish) and the boys stayed on or near the blanket a little longer. Then the church service started and boy, did it rock. The music was awesome, the crowd was huge and so into it. It was so neat to see everyone from all the different service types, campuses, and times all together in one place. All different kinds of people from all over the area! I switched off holding one of the boys and worshiping, and my friend helped out with the other boy:) So helpful!

Noah kept asking if we were going to sing Hosanna (his favorite worship song from our Hillsong cd in the car). I told him I didn't know but maybe...then, of course, we sang it! Well, he lifted his little hands up as high as he could reach (what he saw other people doing), and danced and sang his little heart out! It gave me goose bumps to watch him praise our God, and even at 3, I could just see how close he was to the heart of God. After that song, he was really into worshiping on his own for the rest of the songs.

Then Pastor George came on in swimsuit and t-shirt (just another reason I love our church) and talked about ear pircing and buts...not butts:) (our theme is "Don't let your 'but' get in the way") That's about all I managed to hear (sorry, George) because then I was chasing kids all around and making bathroom trips, but as soon as the music and baptisms began, my kids were right back into it again...there's something about music that speaks to all of us. I was so glad that I came, just for that special moment.

So even though my kids might wear me out on a daily basis, it's moments like those that remind me just why it is that we do what we do. Thanks Abundent Life...for bringing us all together and closer to the Heart of God!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Big Day

This post is from my other blog (more my workout/eating journal to help keep myelf accountable), but thought I should post this one here as well since it's such a huge accomplishment!

Here I am preparing for my 1/2 marathon tomorrow! I started my preparation with lots of water all day, Chipoltle for dinner, and Cold Stone for dessert...pretty good training if you ask me! I am excited, not so ready to wake up at 5, but I will be glad it's early with all the heat! I just got back from anther trip out to the employee store just so that I could get the shorts I forgot to get to match the other 3 ladies I am running with:) I'm such a girl, I know. Wish me luck, here we go!

Where, oh Where?

I have been a boring blogger again, because I can't find the battery to my camera! I had it charging on the ground (I should have known better...) and now just the charger is there...I've been looking for a few days now with no luck, so this might not be good. I'm sure they aren't cheep to replace. There is however a huge pile of Andrew's clean/dirty? clothes on the floor too, so while I've looked through it, there is still a glimmer of hope that that's where it might be:)

We've been up to lots of water activities on these hot days...the splash pad at the park we go to on the 4th (one of my favorite holidays of the year!) and swimming in our apartment pool. Jakey lasts about an hour now, then he's ready to move on...though I think if I brought snacks it would help. Nicole came over yesterday to swim with us! Well, that's it for now, hope you are all having a fabulous summer...it's already gone by so fast!