Friday, June 5, 2009

Our New Place!

Well, here are finally some pictures for you of our new place, we LOVE it! It's a 3 bedroom, 1200 sq. foot, 1 year old apartment right across from New Seasons...perfect for us! Obviously, we would love a house, but financially are just not in a place to buy one around here, and we love it here. Our rent is double what we used to pay for a 2 bedroom in Newberg...that's painful.

The boys love it and have adjusted well. Noah and I were watching the lightening yesterday on our porch...notice the pot without flowers...maybe this weekend? We are right up against the wetlands and get morning sun, so we stay so cool, which is really nice for us, we don't like the heat.

We still have a lot of work to do, like get things up on the walls, but here it is! That is why the pictures are so late, I wanted to wait 'til we got it looking a little nicer to take pictures, but I think it will be a while, so here they are! Stop by any time to hang out with us, we love having people over again!

Here's the front door and some of the living room...we love how it's so big and open.
A view from the front door...notice our lack of a kitchen table:)

The boy's room...Noah is on the top bunk and thinks it's awesome! Today I walked into their room and found Jacob up on the last step...hmmm...maybe that's why his face is always so beat up...

Here's the boys play room, again, we tried to keep it as open as possible so they could play!

Our least favorite room is our room, it's kind of small, we couldn't fit all our furniture in it, but it will do, boy do we need to get some pictures up!

So there you have it...minus the kitchen, I thought I took one, but couldn't find it. It looks out into the living room. We love it and would love to have you help us make some memories!


Heather said...

That is so nice! I love your green in the back. We can't wait to come visit. This brings back such fun memories of our first apartment. I know it's not your first... but moving is always so much fun. Love you guys!

Hannah said...

I LOVE IT! So I am thinking my senior year of fox I will move in to the play room and do my student teaching in HV. What do you think? Kidding..kind of. :) No but it looks great and im excited to see in person!