Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Day Out With Thomas...

The day that Grammy left she took us up to spend a day out with Thomas! It was so cute up at the Mt. Hood Railroad, they have Thomas come every year where obsessed Thomas fans, like Noah, can come and be in awe. As Andrew puts it, Thomas must be rolling in the dough...he's definitely over-priced:) We heard a Thomas story, went around to the different stations, and then road on the Express Coaches, pulled by Thomas! Noah thought is was's so fun to see him so excited. I used to remember babysitting for kids and thinking they were crazy because of how they could memorize all these trains with unusual names. Well, now that's my son. We pull out the little Thomas book that has all the trains and can point to any one and he knows the name. Most of the time we don't even know all of them, it's crazy!

Noah and I getting our tattoos.
The finished product...Thomas and Henry.

Andrew helping Jacob get his tattoo. It wouldn't stick to his arm so it took a long time.
Jacob even got one and every time you asked him about his tattoo he would point to it and go choo choo!

Meeting Sir Topham Hatt, they were kind of scared...I don't think we are ready for Disneyland yet:)

In front of the Express Trains!

Jacob is obsessed with brushing his teeth, so Grammy bought him a new singing Thomas toothbrush!

We couldn't get a good picture, this is the best we got.

Jacob loved petting the different animals and he thought it was so funny!

Playing with the train tables! It was so exciting...even though we have the same thing at home:)


Libby said...

Thomas is a VERY popular train. I'm sure some of our friends were there too, as their three year old idolizes Thomas! Looks like fun!

Amy said...

So fun! Blake is going tomorrow with Josh's parents--I think he will have a blast!