Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Graduate

We had a little graduation dinner tonight for Andrew with our close family friends. My parent's had us over to celebrate all Andrew has accomplished. Serena made a beautiful cake for us to of course! It's so fun to see how our lives are moving on to the next stage in our lives!This is the family Andrew lived with for a year in high school after his parents moved away...such amazing people!
Andrew finally got a jump suit now that he's a "real man" for all those house-hold jobs:) He always borrowed my dad's. The lovely Serena cutting her yummy cake!

Yes, Andrew is still obsessed with golf! What a beautiful cake from Serena! Andrew's good buddy, Colby, he's been such a good friend to Andrew over the years. The whole Cole's family...Noah loves them...especially Tyson:)

Our beautiful family...I love them all!

Here is my parents and sister, they have been such a help this past year and with both Andrew and I finishing school, we couldn't have done it without all their help! Thanks!


Serena Coles said...

It was a fun evening!
Tyson's face is great.

Libby said...

Amazing! Conagrats to Andrew. Your new apartment looks great & very spacious! Good for you and your family!

Diane said...

You do have wonderful parents. This is a great photo of them with Nicole and your hunny. :) I see that your Mom got her beautiful mothers day hanging basket. :)