Thursday, June 18, 2009

Noah's 3rd Birthday Party!

Noah celebrated his third birthday with some of his little friends today. Despite having done a good job lately at his friend's birthday party, he had a hard time understanding that he couldn't open his presents first thing...but actually had to play with his friends. (what? who does that? :) We played on the play structure, ate a wonderful Gordon cake from Serena, and opened some wonderful presents!
Hanging out eating our yummy cake...

I love this picture of Jacob...he is strapped in after running all over the place and still has his signature huge smile on his face!

Noah is so excited to have his cake and when we sang happy birthday to him...I love it!

Jacob sliding down the slide...he's a maniac and goes up and down all by himself now!

Noah's in love with Thomas the Train, but Gordon is his favorite, so Serena made him a Gordon cake, complete with mountain, lake, trees, track, and everything...she is a pro and make the best cakes...thanks Serena! You still need to come over and watch Cake Boss with us...we are watching right now!

Here's Andrew and I with our Birthday Boy! We still can't believe he's 3! We love this age, he makes us laugh every day.

Grammy got to join us for Noah's birthday for the first time, it was so helpful to have her here!

The four of us!

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Dad said...

Luv the pics. Looked so fun at party and with Cindy. Off to Rome. All is great here. Say hi to the boys for us. Miss you all. Mom cried when she saw the pics.