Sunday, June 21, 2009

Grammy Comes to Visit!

We were so blessed to have Grammy come out and stay with us for about a week! How spoiled we all became by all of her help, love, and gifts:) The boys LOVED having Grammy around and playing with her, after the first few days, Jacob would run to see her in the morning with a huge smile and kiss waiting. Noah would bug Grammy constantly to go build garages with him, or go ride his scooter. She is so easy to have around and is SUCH an amazing help! I wish we could have her around all the time! But we'll get to see them in less then a month in Kiawah! Every time we get together with them, it reminds us how blessed we are to have such amazing family! Thanks for coming out Grammy!

Out for a scooter ride with Noah, who just had to stop and throw rocks into the pond by our house:)

Another sweet picture with Grammy and her babies!

Two beautiful smiles!

My boys love driving their cars all around, they would do this all day if I would let them! Grammy took them out a lot so they could do just that!

We love you Grammy! Thanks for coming out and for blessing us with your presence! We'll see you soon!

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