Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fun with Auntie Cole!

Today we journeyed out to Canby to visit Auntie Cole and the farmer's market. Nicole had a special park she wanted to take the boys to, and they loved it of course! It was so nice to get to spend an afternoon with Nicole and see her side of town.
At the farmer's market where we re-stocked on local fruits and veggies for the next few days!

I love this series of pictures...first the moment of awe...
Then the realization of, "Oh, this is fun!"
And then down the slide...both my boys love the slides like most kiddos.
You can really tell how happy they were in these of my favorite things about them, how genuinely happy they get over the simple things.
They were exhausted when we got home...
Nicole took this picture of Noah sleeping today during his nap with all his cars lined up perfectly:)

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