Saturday, June 6, 2009


Today after our community garden work day, Noah's little friend had a birthday party. We love birthday parties, but today was a new experience for us. We went bowling together, which was such a blast. This was the first party where Noah was so into his friend, not himself. He LOVED bowling, just kept going and going all by himself, but as soon as he would let the ball go, he would start cheering and screaming as the ball slowly rolled down the lane. Then when he got down there, if he hit a pin or not, he would explode with excitement and dance all around, so cute! When anyone else was bowling, he was such an encourager and cheering them on, and stuck with them to watch them through their whole experience. He is such an encourager. It is so neat to see him grow into the gifts that God has blessed him with and will be excited to see how God uses him and his gifts in the future. He is such an encourager, what an awesome gift to have!

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