Saturday, May 30, 2009


Yes, we are spoiled. We realized after moving our huge u-haul to our new place and unpacking box after box of unopened furniture, tv's, and house with my parents for almost a year has spoiled us! We did our budget for our new expenses...and let me tell you, there will be no more furniture...even though we still need a table:) Andrew and I felt like kids at a huge Christmas, especially Andrew when he opened his new tv I bought for him! I'll take pictures and post them Monday after we get settled and all our new furniture put together tomorrow! Hope you are having a more relaxing weekend then us! Stop by any time after Sunday and check out our new place, we are so excited to get to entertain a lot now that we have a nice set up!

We also felt spoiled to have such great friends help us load and unload all our stuff in just a few short hours, so thanks! What a blessing that was, oh, and also not to have to worry about the boys at all, so thanks Nicole!

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