Friday, February 27, 2009

Lovin' my boys

I am loving my boys right now. We seem to have turned some sort of child-raising corner in the Boria household these past two weeks. Noah has magically turned from a toddler into a little boy. He has gone to the next developmental level in his thinking where he really is "getting" things. We have been having the best conversations and I love getting a glimpse into what he's thinking. Today while driving over to our great friends, the Hollands, he kept sharing his thoughts.

"Momma, Bode is my best friend."

What? I didn't even know he knew what a best friend was! "Really?" I said.

"No, Cade is my best friend."


"Actually, (one of my favorite words he says) Abby is my best friend." This went on as he listed every friend that he has. So cute.

After a few minutes we were passing a billboard for Hawaiian Airlines and Noah screamed, "Momma, LOOK! Hawaii! I go back there and see the beautiful sunset?"

Seriously? He's two, and we took that trip when he was one, but he still talks about it all the time and plays the slideshow while he plays with his trains. His mind just amazes me sometimes. I said we couldn't because we didn't have tickets, and he said, "Yeah, Grammy buy me tickets and I go up, up, up, on the airplane and go on the blue one." (we normally fly southwest and so he loves to see what color our plane is going to be...mostly blue:)

After another few minutes he said, "Oh look at the waterfall! It's beautiful, actually no, it's dirty." haha.

Then when we were getting close, he said in his sweet, excited tone, "We almost here! I go play with Bobo, and Cade, and Abby, and Coco, and Jack, and...who's this? (pointing to his fingers because he was counting each person on his fingers) "Ryan? " I said. "Oh yeah, and Ryan, and who's this?" (pointing to a different finger?) "Katherine?" "Yeah. And Katherine, and...dat's all!"

The littlest things he does crack me up and I love getting an insight into his thoughts. I have really started to tease and get sarcastic with him because he gets it now. If I'm teasing him and he wants me to stop he puts one finger up to my mouth and says, "Momma, you no talk like that. No teasin."

Jacob has been so cute too, he is dancing up a storm and makes the cutest faces! I will try and get some video and post it's something I always want to remember. He is such an easy-going boy and plays so much with his brother. If you're not careful though, he'll be up the stairs in a second or getting into all the cupboards. He has managed to pull of every one of my parents door stop covers, you know, the little white piece to protect the door from getting scratched? He isn't so needy any more and the boys just play really well together now. Those of you who know me well know that I love kids the older they get, so this milestone has been great for my sanity. I am lovin' where I'm at right now with my boys...though don't get me wrong, I like my breaks too...I can't wait for scrapbooking all day tomorrow!


Nadia said...

I had to add that throughout the night Noah would stop playing, look over at Bode, and say, "Bode, you my best friend?" "Yep" Bode would say then they would keep playing.

Then I was trying to fix a toy and Noah said, "Mom, you no have to worry bout dis. I can do it!" haha, the things he's picking up.

Amy said...

So fun to hear how your boys are changing and growing up! Isn't it funny how they seem to switch to a new stage almost overnight? Makes me look forward to what's coming with Blake!