Monday, February 2, 2009

Fire Proof

We watched Fire Proof last night, which we really wanted to go and support in theaters, but never made it. We loved it, it was really well done, and I was so pleased to see in Blockbuster that there were 5 shelves and only one movie left...I got the last one! It had more shelves then Eagle eye right next to it, which was a good movie too (atleast the hour I saw before I fell asleep).

Anyways, I have posted before about my heart and how I just need a heart change with my attitude towards those I love the most, and I got re-inspired last night. I can be such a jerk to those I love most, and it's just not right! So, it seems as though if I blog about something I feel more accountable...imagine that, so here I go. We already had the book from the movie, Love Dare, and I'm starting it--again, but hey. It's 40 days and I won't give you an update every day...don't worry, but I'll check in, and that way I will have some accountability. You can support me through prayer if you think about it, I really do want to change, but I know as I have often been reminded that it's God who will be doing the changing of my heart, not me!

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Dad said...

Way to go, girl.