Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Busy Day and Thomas Live!

We had a busy day today getting a lot done in just one day. By 10 this morning I had made a meal for our meal co-op (with flank steak that had been cooking all night...yum), shredded a chicken that had been cooking all night (but don't worry, I'm letting the bones cook another night), made the boys eggs and toast, cleaned up (kind of, sorry Mom:), done a load of laundry, gotten everyone dressed, packed a picnic lunch, and headed off to the gym. Only a mom will understand how this is truly amazing with two very little ones! haha. Jacob was my little helper as he has recently discovered how the cupboards work...this is his favorite plate to play with because he can see himself in cute as he talks, makes faces, and waves to himself.

I got a good workout in and then headed off to OMSI with some friends. I was amazed with all they have for little kids, even for Jacob! I had never been to that whole section, but we all loved it! After playing for almost 4 hours, we finally tuckered out and headed for home. Neither boy took naps today, because we grabbed a few things for dinner and then headed over to some friends to share a meal. As part of our meal co-op, we take turns bring dinner for everyone and we hang out with some pretty special people. The boys always have such a great time and I enjoy feeling like an adult for a while;) We get together 2-4 times a month, so it makes cooking healthy meals that much easier! Which don't we all need a little help in this journey called life?

I'm looking forward to scrapbooking all day Saturday with my Mom, Leslie, and Beka at our friends house! Then another volleyball tourney on Sunday.

Oh, and here are some cute pictures of Noah at Thomas Live last week at the Rose Garden with my Mom and her friend and grandkids. I guess Noah was in shock the whole time. He has his own cute little scrapbook of it that he reads about, oh, I don't know...100 times a day!

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Nancy said...

How Fun!!! I bet this was a blast!!!