Monday, February 16, 2009

Thanks Grammy & Pops!

Wow! We got home from the zoo today with a few special good, one not so good. Which one first, the good or about bad. My poor, sweet, littlest boy has the flu! It's so sad because he's so helpless and cuddly. He normally won't let you hold him for more then a minute because he likes to be moving and playing, but all night he's been snuggling...oh, and throwing up all over me! Andrew's working, so I'm by myself...only not at all because my AMAZING parents are here! I think I would have lost my mind if I were here alone. Andrew is amazing and has already offered to take over tonight when he gets home and let me sleep in in the morning...I'm not going to work tomorrow. Poor boy. Although, I really can not complain because we have not been sick at all this whole year besides one round of little colds...and all my mastitis, but that's different.

And the good! Grammy and Pops sent the boys an awesome Valentine's package! Noah almost lost his mind...inside was 3 (yes THREE) new Thomas trains, a snowy Thomas, a painted Thomas, and a dirty Thomas. Noah is beside himself right now in his bed with 4 Thomas's and Annie and Clarabelle. He just yelled down to make sure I knew that he had 4 Thomas's. It's like he's in shock...or heaven, I'm not sure which one. They also sent a nice Gap sweatshirt for Noah and Gap train pj's (my fav!) for Jacob, and lots of fruit snacks and candy (I did eat the peanut butter ones Grammy, sorry!). Oh, and some of the baby stars for Jacob, his favorite kind (or Andrew's?), banana. But the other best part was one of those cards that you can record a message. Grammy recorded a greeting for the boys, and Noah started talking right back to her like she was there, it was so cute! I haven't seen Noah that excited in a long time, it was really cute. Thanks Grammy! That was so kind!

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