Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New pj's, slow mornings, and Valentines treats

This is a random post, but I just plugged in my camera and this is what I got! We had a slow morning of staying in our pj's all day, well atleast the boys. Andrew and I switched off getting our workout in and we also got our taxes done. We were just waiting for the boys to get sick again today, but nothing! That's a good sign! Andrew is out playing racquetball with some friends and I'm working on volleyball stuff, but I'm almost done! Noah looks a little out of it in this picture, but Jacob's smile is so sweet.
This picture is from Valentines Day when Noah decorated a cookie with frosting and sprinkles (left over from my mom's Kindergarten class). He thought it was amazing he could do the sprinkles and frosting all by himself!

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Hannah said...

Haha Noah's face is so funny. I love his like excited/amazed face. Like he just can not believe it!
Miss you. Let's skype soon.