Monday, March 2, 2009

We're Debt Free!

For all you Dave Ramsey fans out there, this is our call-in to his show where we get to scream! haha. Andrew and I feel so good with where we are financially right now. We are going through Financial Peace with our amazing Lifegroup (Bible-study group) at church. We have been through the first 3 weeks and paid off all our credit card debts and just bought a car with CASH! All of our bills are paid and we've already tithed and set up online giving every month so we can give our first fruits to God. This may seem normal to many of you, so good job, but it's not for most Americans!

We are both on board with our spending and saving up for things, this month we're buying patio furniture with CASH! (just kidding...Andrew wants a vacumme instead...what's up with that:) Maybe if I get some birthday money we can get both;) There's a set at target I LOVE! Or we're thinking a Tragger Grill. It's so fun getting to dream and plan and save up for purchases we want to make instead of buying things and stressing over how we're going to pay for them. Living with my parents this year has been great in some ways and hard in others, but we've gotten to pay off LOTS of student loans and save up and buy almost a whole house's worth of new furniture. Oh, and a new car! We bought my parents 2000 Honda Odyssey. I never thought I would own a mini-van, but it's really nice for the boys and for $5000 we couldn't pass it up. We know the owners:) They've taken good care of it:)


Amy said...

That's so awesome! Way to go!!

Diane said...

Hey there, I found you! LOL :)
Great job becoming debt free!