Sunday, February 8, 2009

A little class

Last night we went to a wine tasting over at some of our friends from our small group's house. Neither Andrew or I are really all that into wine, but we had 3 reasons we wanted to go. 1.) To be educated for entertaining properly and at dinner parties knowing the no no's to avoid and the proper things to do. 2.) To try to find some wines that we really enjoy, and 3.) To have a fun and different night out! It turned out all three things were taken care of! The lady who lead the tasting did such a good job of educating, as all the couples who were there were very young, I think there were about 6 young couples? And no one was really that into wine, so we were all new together! We both founds atleast one wine that we actually enjoyed, though we got to try seven! I tend to like the whites better, though I wish I liked red better because they are so good for you, I'll work on that. And three, we did have a great time doing something new and different.

After the tasting was over, everyone left and there were just three couples left from our small group, we ended up staying til almost 1:00! It's so funny because other people are age don't think of that as that late, but to us it's sooo late! I got up with the boys at 7:30 and let Andrew sleep until 9:30, then I went back to bed for an hour and we still made it to church at 11:30!

The girls: me, Karen, and Anne. The guys are above: Andrew, Nate, and Ben
Andrew and I at the end of our evening...tired, but we both had a blast! We started Dave Ramsey as a small group on Thursday so are looking forward to that new adventure together!

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