Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow Days

Snow gotta love them. I know for all of you East Coast readers, you are making fun of us for canceling school, staying off the roads, and hibernating, but for us Oregonians, it's quite exciting getting these few days of cold weather...bitter cold, and days off from "real" life.

Noah has enjoyed his time in the snow, going for walks, learning to throw snowballs, and especially being drug up the hill to sled right back down again. He also has enjoyed watching the Polar Express and snuggling with a blanket (and Jacob) on the coach. Oh, and I can't forget the hot chocolate, sometimes after a walk to Peet's, sometimes made here.

Nicole and Noah out back.

Andrew, aka the "Grinch" and I under the umbrella? and in shorts? He cracks me up because he has to be in the mood to enjoy the snow, he doesn't have quite the excitement the rest of us all share about the snow! Could it be the feet and feet of snow from living in New Hampshire? Jake, I was trying to find a picture of us in our huge snow fort to compare to our few inches, but it's on my other computer, but that was the best snow fort ever! Hopefully we'll have snow in Cleveland and we can show Noah how to really build a fort!
I took the day off from pretty much life and scrapped the day away! I got 13 pages done! I have been really into scrapbooking lately.

Here's a funny video of Noah sledding down the hill:

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