Monday, December 8, 2008

Big Day

Today was a big day in our least in the life of a stay at home mom;0 Today was the first day I wasn't frustrated out of my mind being home with the boys. I finally decided to really clamp down on Noah, and make him obey the first time or time out, and you know what (of course you do), he's so much more fun to be around! (It seems so obvious reading this, but it really was a big breakthrough for me:) He's listening much better now.

That's not the real reason it was a big day today. Jacob started crawling for real now! He's been able to get all around a room lately, but is really crawling backwards fast now and starting to slowly move forward. He is such a cute and smiley boy.

Noah officially entered into the world of boyhood today, he began to imagine and pretend today. To be honest, I have been dreading as well as looking forward to his day. I distinctly remember Christmases spent in Oklahoma with my cousins playing, "Doggies" all. the. time. (Hi Katie, Lindsay, Brittany, and Brody!) Every child I've ever babysat has gone through the doggie phase. And it's not just ten minutes, it's all. the time. I'm not sure what it is about this pretend game, but every child goes through this phase of imaginative play. The panting, tongues hanging out, hands curled in, the barking, the playing fetch, the tricks, the licking...I've played it all with children between cousins and babysitting. And now we begin with Noah. Yay. I can't wait.

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Hannah said...

i taught him that!!!