Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tree

We had Matt & Ally over for Thanksgiving several weeks ago and had fun playing Settlers and decorating our Charlie Brown tree. That is perhaps the worst part of living with my parents is the anorexic fake tree. We also did a little early black friday shopping at Michaels!

Here is a little disclaimer for everyone we are spending Christmas with. I'm bringing the Settlers of Catan with me, and it is perhaps the best game in the world and we ARE playing. Friends become enemies, family becomes enemies, and even the sweetest/kindest of people...enemies. It's on when it comes to Settlers. Hannah, you especially. You've been gone, but no mercy will be shown.
Decorating the tree and then a little garage fun afterwards on bikes and in swings.

Here's a little clip of Noah going crazy (does there seem to be a theme here?) while he's dancing with Matt. The move at the end is my favorite!

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