Friday, December 19, 2008

Could it be? Yip-wii! The freshman 30?

Well, Hannah is home and everything feels right again. I really have missed her. Noah is excited and everything is so new and exciting for him to tell Hannah about;) It's funny.

When I went away to college in Arizona my freshman year, I gained 30 pounds. Yes, that's right. 30 pounds. I vividly remember stepping on the nurse's scale in the health office right before coming home for Christmas my first year. 166. yep, that's right. And you want to know what's sad? I didn't even notice I had gained any weight until I tried to put on a pair of jeans for the first time in months on one "cool" 60 degree day in Phoenix. I couldn't even get them up to go to then came on the sweats.

You must understand that every day in Phoenix it was beautiful, and we'd always be out and about in comfy work out clothes. Which stretch...right? So I hadn't even noticed! How do you not notice 30 pounds? Did I think that the daily Belgian waffle with peanut butter, whipped cream, and syrup wouldn't catch up with me? (Thanks Mackenzie!) Or maybe it was the open buffet at every meal with foods I was never allowed to have. Or maybe it was all the lucky charms and cocoa puffs in between meals or as a late night snack. Or could it be the huge omelets Damion would make to order for us with extra sausage, cheese, mushrooms, and hash browns. Oh, or how could I forget the open dryer's ice cream bar that we would frequent daily. Yeah, I'm really not sure where the 30 pounds came from.

So that brings me to Hannah. Hannah thinks she's gained all this weight her first semester at school. Others agreed, I disagreed, she looks just the same. So this morning we put her to the test. She hopped on our wii fit, which she had previously weighed herself on before she left. As her mii grew bigger and bigger as it put on the pounds (those of you who have wii fit are laughing with me right now because it's the best part of the game), the line stopped right above her old line. A whole 2.4 pounds gained. That's it! Her first semester away! I blew her out of the water. While I'm sure Hannah was relieved to not to have gained much weight, I stepped on the wii. For the first time in our lives, I weigh less then Hannah! I think this was harder for Hannah to bear then the 2 pounds;) So while I'm still 4 pounds from my pre-college weight, I'm getting back down there after college and baby weight! So now the competition is on. Who can have the claim to weighing less after Christmas break...this is going to be hard. Hannah can be fierce competition.

I have to go...the Dorenbecher Christmas cookies are calling me. Oh wait...dang it. Maybe if I can convince Hannah to have more then me...

*My disclaimer is that Hannah still looks better then me...and she knows I am posting about this.


Hannah said...

i may be fatter...
atleast im prettier.


Heather Holland said...

What great motivation to be "good" during the holiday season! We forgot our Wii!!!!! We had it all packed and ready to go. I'm not sure what happened. But my parents can bring it out in a few days. Your freshman year weight gain sounds exactly like mine. Only I ate chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.