Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Cleveland

We have had an awesome time so far in Cleveland! We have shopped, and ate, and ate, and ate, and enjoyed time with family. Everyone was here, and now slowly everyone is departing on their separate ways. We are staying through the 2nd. We are enjoying getting to see family we don't normally get to see.

Jacob enjoyed chewing people's wrapping paper...he got some books, stuffed animals, and a sweatshirt. (Don't tell, but I think he enjoyed the wrapping paper best:)
Noah helped Pops and Grammy peel potatoes for dinner one night.
Noah has the best Uncles...he loves to tackle. He now has Cars thanks to Uncle Luke. He hasn't watched it that much...only about 3 times a day. He also got a bunch of Thomas the Trains, money for college and a train table! Oh, and I can't forget a bunch of Nike stuff and a Gap sweatshirt.
There was a warm spell one day...65 degrees, so Karen put the boys to work! Luke, Anthony, and Andrew
Everyone at our to eat...what a good-looking bunch!
Andrew playing football with the guys
Eating, eating, and still...more eating. This was a crab feast...can you see my tummy growing?
Grammy and Laura taught Noah how to make a cucumber smile;)
The boys have been spoiled by all the love and attention of Grammy and Pops and all the other family! We love it!
All the Boria's who are here, we miss you Jared!
Me and Laura

Kisses from Grammy...we'll all miss those kisses!
Oh, and Andrew got glasses today! I will try and get some pictures tomorrow and post them up! Until then, think 90's nerd...


Dad said...

Love the pics. It is almost like being there! Looks like so much fun.

I think you might want to rethink your victory in the weight department with Hannah. That crab feast was too much of a challenge.

Love you,


Hannah said...

i was just going to say...i love seeing the word "eat" so many times in this post...