Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I go pee pee?

Noah wakes up every morning with too much energy. At 6:30 this morning, he walked with his cozy pillow into the bathroom and said, "Sun is up? I go downstairs?" No, no way! It's 6:30! Noah knows he can't get out of bed until 8, most days it ends up being 7:30 now. So I told him to go back to bed, so he went. For about two seconds. He came back out about two seconds later and said, "I have go pee pee." Ok, I'm a sucker for when he asks to go, and he knows that. I want to encourage the potty-training, so I break down. Noah farted, (too-dled in our family). He was naked and it was the first time he had ever farted without a diaper on. He turned around and looked, "Where it go?" I said it went into the air. Noah jumping up reaching and saying, "Come back toodles!" 20 minutes later, after I'm all done getting ready, Noah still had not gone pee pee. So I said it was time to go back to bed. I left to go sub with a naked boy and a husband back in bed. I guess it only lasted for a few minutes until everyone was up for the day. Oh, going to work is so much easier!


Hannah said...

hahahahahhahahahhahahahahaha i cant wait to be there for times like these.

Luke said...

geeze i cant wait till christmas

Dad said...

Great effort, Noah. The pee pee moves sounds like it is a great way to get M and D out of bed.