Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Cactus Christmas

Our Arizona Christmas is done. We had such an awesome time getting to spend time with everyone in Tucson. We forget how much FUN and laughing that we do with everyone there. Everyone is getting so old, not the little cousins I remember. And now instead of me entertaining them, they are entertaining my kids! And what a great job they did, the boys were in HEAVEN! I have too many pictures to post, so here we go!

These are pictures we took out on the golf course where all the guys played.
Our little family...complete!
All the grandchildren and Nanny and Pappy!
Auntie Cole and Jacob
Playing Wii with all the cousins...we brought our wii fit all the way down there and had forgotten the disc! We also forgot Settlers...I was sooo bummed for both!
Noah, Katie, and Brody made a break for it.
The sky looked so cool in this picture.
My pirates who don't do anything...
Playing with the swords...I'm sensing a lot of beat downs in the future...
Jacob always wants to be a part of things!
Jacob crawling! My little man is so big!Lindsay and Noah...I thought this face was so funny after all the smiles!

We all ate and ate, thanks to Nanny's AMAZING Christmas Dinner! Nanny and Pappy worked so hard to have so much amazing food and snacks for us...thanks! They do a lot of the same things every year, so it just feels like Christmas.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

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Nadia said...

Noah likes to type and pretends he has his own "blog." Here's what he had to say about his trip to Arizona:

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