Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

As this year comes to a close, I can see a lot of change and growth over the last year, but there's something about the new year that gets me excited and motivated for this next year. I have some resolutions, as well as just some items that I want to cross off my list of things I want to accomplish. Something my dad taught me from the time I was little was about having a strong mind, body, spirit, and relationships, which I think is very wise. So, I'm going to try and have at least one from each area.

Strong Mind:
  • Some sort of teacher education training/class/book.
  • Read 1 book a month
  • Read to the boys daily
Strong Body:
  • Lose my last few pounds (15) by March 8th (my b-day) and maintain for the rest of my life! heehee
  • Work out 5 days a week to keep healthy bones, muscles, organs to be able to live long and thrive!
  • Focus on eating healthy in order to preserve my health long term
Strong Spirit:
  • Fall in LOVE with Jesus! I want Him to be my best friend and for me to fully rely and trust in Him!
  • Take on some sort of leadership role at church...maybe something in children's ministry?
  • Spend time daily praying for my children and family.
  • Allow God to change my heart to have a cheerful and giving heart towards my family
Strong Relationships:
  • Build relationships with new friends from church/family friends
  • Spend time investing in other people's on myself and teaching my children to give as well.
  • Spend time weekly investing in Andrew and our relationship
Here's just a few more random ones:
  • Have Noah fully potty-trained by January 31st.
  • Teach the boys the importance of being active daily and nourishing their healthy bodies
  • Pay cash for a new car
  • Save enough money to buy all our new furniture and decorate our new home with cash
  • Put pictures in all my scrapbook pages
  • Finish nursing to make it a whole year (April 1st)
  • Do something bigger then just our family...something to help others in the world
This was taken at about 6:00...he's resting up for the big night tonight! Actually he's been up until midnight every night since we've been here because we don't want to change time zones and then change back he'll be bringing in the new year with us! We are anxiously awaiting Bruce's feast...he's been planning and slaving away all day. On the menu is crab legs, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, sausage stuffing, broccoli casserole, and crown pork roast...Hannah, I'm officially conceding our little competition. I worked out every day here until yesterday and every day in Arizona which I though would save me, but I just have no hope anymore. Congratulations, you win. I gotta live it up tonight;)

Have a blessed and happy New Year in 2009!


Hannah said...

well...if we are being honest, I didnt work out at all this week. I havent even been home for more than 10 minutes at a time! But that's no excuse. Well, actually, it's mine. :) See you soon.

Hannah said...

BTW, you look hott in this picture.

Dad said...

Quite the resolution girl. I hope you have a lot of success.

Also, Andrew has glasses now. First, braces, now glasses, next ????

See you soon,