Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wii Golf and Speaker Phone

Well, we made it through a crazy busy day today, and the boys were amazing! Everything went really well. While driving from one location to the next Noah kept asking to call his uncles, which was so cute cause we weren't even talking, just listening to music and he says, "Noah call Uncle Jared." Then after Jared, of course he wanted to talk to Lukie and Jakey too. I would dial and put him on speaker phone and let him talk while holding the phone. They can't always understand what he's saying so there's a little interpretation required. After he was done talking, I just had to tell them to hang up because I couldn't reach the phone while I was driving and he didn't want to give it back to me! Then at the stoplights I would get my phone back when I could reach him:) He sure loves his Uncles and talks about them and looks at pictures all the time! He always wants to call them now.

Tonight when we got home after grocery shopping (which came after our small group, so after 10) we asked what the boys did with my parents while they were watching them. The usual, volleyball, books, and playing around. Plus, my dad played Wii golf with Noah.

As many of you already know, we can not get Noah to sit down for longer then 5 minutes to watch tv. Sometimes we can push ten with Finding Nemo or Thomas, but Noah justs doesn't have the attention span, he likes to be moving and busy, which is great, except for when you just need a little break during the day. Except for playing on the Wii. He will play for a whole half hour, which is amazing when you have things to do. (who says tv isn't a good babysitter?) Anyways, so he and my dad played together, and guess who won...good guess...Noah! I just thought that was so funny! Here's a little clip I took a few days ago of him playing in the basement.

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