Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy 23rd Birthday!

Yay! Andrew's birthday has come and gone...I guess not technically, he'd kill me if I forgot about the last 2 1/2 hours of it:) Last night when Andrew came home from school, the boys and I had decorated his room with tons of balloons (25 to be exact), roses (he had told me once that he would love to get flowers sometime), our new Arbonne candle, homemade cupcakes, and his presents! This was a big deal for me because I am normally not the most thoughtful person, but I tried to put more thought into his birthday this year so it would be special;) He opened up presents, the boys got him McDonalds gift cards, his favorite place ever! I don't support his McDonalds addiction, that's why it was just from the boys;) I got him the Nutrimen System from Arbonne, an underarmor shirt, some flannel pajama pants (Andrew is always asking for pajamas, and we've struck out with all our other attempts, but these ones are awesome!) and a costco pack of deodorant...nothing personal, Andrew's not a stinky guy, it's just something Andrew asked for!

Then today, we woke up to cranky boys...yay! Andrew went to Clubsport for physical therapy, then we met at Flying Pie for sausage pizza...jealous Boria's? Andrew's family always used to stop there for pizza after church growing up, and it's his favorite! The first time I met his whole family and went to church with them we got two huge pizzas and brought them home with us. I didn't want to eat too much because I had volleyball practice, but I think I still had 2 huge slices because it was so good! Andrew said they import their water from New York City to make the crust for the New York style...not sure if that's true, but it's amazing!

We came home and took naps...actually everyone but Andrew took naps;) He laid down, but then got up and went to...McDonalds! After naps we went to Nordstrom to pick up some jeans, and then to look at shoes for Andrew for work, and then to Old Navy and Sports Authority. We met my parents at Red you get the burger theme? I recorded them singing Happy Birthday to Andrew...I'll try and post it this weekend, Andrew hates that kind of stuff so was so embarrassed. It was funny;0

We finished up our evening with a dessert banquet for volleyball. I'm so sad my season is over, I really loved my girls and coaching! We came home and put the boys to bed then I ran out and got a movie, The Hulk, and a soda for Andrew from...McDonalds! I never do that, so it was a special birthday treat! heehee

Happy Birthday Andrew! You are such a great dad and husband and are doing such a good job of balancing work, school, being a dad, and husband. You have such great people skills and really will do well in life because of them! You are working really hard to do well in school, and it's really showing. Noah loves playing with you, and Jacob smiles every time he sees you. You make me proud with all your dreams...don't settle, you can do great things! I'm proud of you!

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Hannah said...

The picture of Jacob at the bottom made me sooo sad. He is getting so big and turning into such a cute boy and i am missing all of it. you should make a post of just him and the funny things he does so i can hear about him.

i got all caught up on my blog reading just now and loved it. i love seeing al the pictures but it is also kinda bittersweet as i miss my nephews too much i think.

also i would like to point out that i have far more comments than you do on my blog. hmmmmm.... something to think about :):) just kiddin just kiddin. love you! talk to you soon. maybe jacob thomas and i can have a skype date.