Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Nana!

I have been so late in posting because I can not find my camera cord... annoying! I am borrowing one tomorrow from my sister, so will add pictures to these posts tomorrow. Sorry, I know that's the best part of reading blogs.

Monday was my Mom's birthday, we walked hot chocolate over to her school and sang happy birthday with all her little kindergarteners, and then had a birthday dinner with strawberry shortcake to celebrate. She is such a blessing to our family in how she gives of herself constantly--watching the boys, cleaning up after us, and bending over backwards to help us out. We have a nice system going (or at least I think it's nice:) where I cook and she cleans. Don't tell her, but I think I'm getting the better deal.

Noah loves his Nana, every time the garage door goes up, he runs and opens the door and screams, "Hi Nana!" When he prays at night he says, "Dear God, thank you for Nana, and thank you for ... and thank you for Nana, and thank you for... and thank you for Nana." Thanks for all you do Nana we love you! Here's your late birthday post!

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