Friday, October 31, 2008


Big surprise! Noah loved trick-or -treating! He got a good amount of candy...and he really got into going up and knocking on people's doors! Our last few houses he was ready to be done, but he did great! Jacob just wanted to hold the wrappers because of the noise they made, but I'm sure next year he'll love all the candy!
We went over to Nanny's house for a little bit and she taught me how to finish my dish cloth I had been knitting! It was definitely a practice one, but I feel like I'm picking it back up now. My Grandma Jean taught us when we were younger, and Nanny knits all the time when she watches the boys, so she taught me again! I bought really cute yarn for the boys for a scarf. She just casted it on for me tonight so I've been working on it.
Happy Halloween!

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