Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here's a picture of the boys in their costumes...both of them were squeezed into them when we tried them on this morning, but I'm too cheap to buy them new ones for something they are going to wear for one day! They are both old ones from Noah:) My pumpkin and lion! I couldn't get one where they were both smiling, so I put up both pictures!

After we got the boys ready this morning, I had to get ready too, so I went for a jog! I did 3.5 miles in the rain and actually had a great time! I knew I was going to be eating some of Noah's candy...the I had to go burn off a few extra calories:)

We just put the boys down for naps and then are going over to a retirement home where the boys and I go and visit the residents. It's literally right behind our house, so nice and close! They are having a little trick or treating early, which actually works out really nice since Andrew has to leave for work at 3:30, he'll still get to see them go for a little bit. Then we're going to do the neighbors around us with Nanny, a grandma that lives around here that watches the boys for us a lot. After that...we are going to go to our friends houses with Auntie Cole so she can see them trick or treat as well! It will be a busy night, but Noah is sooo excited! This is his first year of really getting it.

Noah always asks to go outside on the front porch and look at the fall decorations my mom put up. There are lights on the deck and a pumpkin flag...nothing too exciting, but yesterday he was out there for a 1/2 hour just looking at the lights and walking from side to side on the sidewalk, whispering and pointing to himself all the different colors, and saying, "Oh wow! Look at dose!" All in a quite whisper as he was in his own world. Then he would notice the pumpkin flag and say, "Oh! Der is a punkin' flag!" and he would climb the steps to go look at it, then ask to go back down on the sidewalk to look at the lights. So cute.

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Mom Racky said...

Our little characters - we are so thankful for the blessing of grandchildren! What cute, happy, precious faces - glad they had such a fun time. They light up our lives!