Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All good things must come to an end...

I had to post about the awesome season that my volleyball team has had as it draws to a close. Tomorrow is our last game, we've lost one game and finished first in our league and first in 2 out of 3 tournaments that we have had. My girls played so hard and were awesome! I loved getting to coach at the high school level. In two weeks I start coaching 11 and 12 year olds through July, so that will be a whole different level, but I'm sure fun in a different way!

I've been working out a few days a week, but today decided to really step it up, so I took a class at the club (Clubsport Oregon). This wasn't just any regular class, as I normally take step, yoga, or strength classes, but this was an hour of jumping and legs...nonstop! I thought I was going to die pretty much the whole time. Actually, there were about two minutes where I was feeling good, then I realized I still had 58 minutes left! It is specialty class, so it costs extra, so I'm not going to do it that often, but I'll shoot for 1 day a week to keep me working hard! I still have ten pounds left, hopefully by Christmas I'll be at my goal!

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lovelyfaith said...

Nadia! oh my goodness your family has changed so much since I last saw you guys! And Noah is growing so fast!! Good to see you are all doing well :)