Monday, October 6, 2008

I play?

We had a good weekend, I got to scrapbook the cutest pages ever on Friday night until 2am, then had to get up at 6:30 for a volleyball tournament that lasted 12 hours, but we took third, it was our first loss of the season, but we're still undefeated in league play, so that's good. I was so proud of my girls, they are such a great group, we lost to Westview in three: we won the first 25-23, lost the second 26-28, and lost the third 16-18. As you can see they were all such close games, they were so fun! If we would have won we would have played Central Catholic, one of the top three teams in the state, and after seeing them play, I know my girls could have beat them! Next year I guess! We all went to church on Sunday together with some friends, then over to their house for real Mexican food after--it was awesome! I got another lesson done in my online class, which means I only have two left! I'm going to work on one today, so hopefully this week I'll be officially graduated!

Last night we were just hanging out after the kids had been in bed for about an hour, so Andrew asked if we wanted to play a game of dominoes. No one was too excited about dominoes--at least no one down stairs! We decided on playing Farkel, one of my parents favorite dice games and were getting ready to play when Noah walks up and says, "I play? I play dominoes?" This had been after a full hour of him being put down, he must have heard Andrew ask about dominoes, and decided he wanted to come down and play! It was so cute, but I had to be the mean one and say no. We comprimised and let him take a train to bed with him (from Grammy) and we set the dominoes out for the morning.

7:30 roles around this morning, and can you guess what the first thing he says is? "I play dominoes?" And play dominoes we did.

These pictures are from the Dalia Festival this summer.

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