Friday, October 17, 2008

Family Hikes

We have so many beautiful places around us here, so we have decided as a family to take advantage of those places. Wednesday, we hiked Mt. Talbert as a family. Noah blazed the trail hiking the whole time by himself! Andrew and I commented several times about having to keep up with him, let alone being slowed down my him! He kept saying "I love it! Hiking's my favorite! We almost hiking (as he was traveling up the hill)" I don't know if he quite got the concept of what it was, but he had a great time. He made it up and down by himself, I was quite impressed.

Today we went down to the river just a few minutes from our house where Noah got to throw rocks, he's obsessed with rocks, thanks Nicole! Needless to say, he was in heaven today getting to throw rock after rock. It was a beautiful day again today, so we got to enjoy the nice weather and the leaves just beginning to change. There were some geese there that were so scary! They were surrounding us looking for food, so we gave up our peanuts in fear for our lives! At one point they had Jacob's stroller surrounded and I had to fight them off to get to him. They were hissing, and huge! They moved on after a few minutes, but I was actually scared! As we were leaving a lady and her dog came, and she said that he gets his exercise by chasing them around and swimming after them, so I was glad they were going to be tortured for a few minutes too!

Tomorrow we are off to music class and the pumpkin patch! I'll post all my pictures tomorrow, there are some pretty ones from today!

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