Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Life Changing Rescue...

We have been spending this weekend with my parents and sister at the beach in Seaside. We've had a great time, and Andrew and I have been spoiled with all the help, sleeping in, meals made for us...really nice:) Today, we had a life-changing rescue. We went out to the beach for a morning walk. We ran into some old neighbors and were talking while the boys ran around and played. Jacob was getting further and further away, but I said he was fine. He would run up by the seawall, then over by the water, all over. My mom got a little worried he was getting further away from us towards the water, so she went over by the boys. I had on some new shoes and was planning on going for my jog, so I stayed by the hard sand. I said they were fine, if anything they would just get a little wet, but they know not to run into the water. (This is not one of my proud motherhood moments, so please, no mean comments) A wave was coming in a little further then the others, so my mom picked up Jakey and started running, Noah behind her. Standing back watching, I thought they were playing chase with the waves. Andrew saw trouble, so he sprinted over to help get Noah. I was still thinking...oh, Noah will get upset if he gets wet and wasn't wanting to...but still, no big deal.

The water caught up with my mom, and she started to get wet. I actually thought it was funny because obviously, she's not the type to get wet in the winter at the Oregon Coast. But the water kept coming, and it was getting deeper on them. People started running. My mom fell over with Jakey in her arms, and she was tumbling in the water, but somehow holding his head up above the water. At this point, the water was reaching me. I turned to run, and then it finally hit me how serious this was. The water was up to her neck sitting down being pushed into shore, if Jakey went under, we wouldn't be able to find him in the water, it was too deep and you can't see anything. So I thought, "Screw the shoes, save the kids." Andrew who was still on his feet had reached my mom and was trying to hold on to Jakey and Noah, but my mom never let go and never let Jakey go under, they are my heroes. My dad, deep in the water trying to help them out now, holding his nice Nikon camera up above the water, and trying to help my mom. He fell in and said he was literally about to let go of his camera and grab on to both of them, now that's a hero's reaction, not thinking about saving your shoes, I'm embarrassed.

I saw my mom's hat that she loves floating away, so I ran and grabbed that, saw Nicole on her feet and hands, stuck too. A lady who was by my mom originally, was stuck under the water, so my dad ran over and helped her up too. Her camera and cell phone were ruined, but her son was safe, who was way out by the ocean originally.

By this time, the water had nearly reached the sea wall, and was starting it's way back out. Everyone was in shock, and making sure everyone was accounted for. It was a beautiful day, with lots of people out. No one was dry, at least up to people's knees were wet, many people had gone under. My mom made it up, and everyone was walking back, fighting the strong current going back to the ocean. Nicole, my mom, and Noah were all missing shoes as you can see from the picture. But our friend ran and found some of them, actually I think all buy one shoe. But really, who cares about shoes at this point, right?

We all were safe, praise the Lord. I really do believe His hand was working as my mom went over there by the boys. Even if Andrew had gotten to them in time, there would have been no way he could have gathered both before the current knocked one boys over and took them under, never to be seen again. I keep seeing it playing out like this, but am SO grateful for how it all worked out. I'm reading this book about another mom who lost her son, and seeing what she is going through would absolutely kill me--I cannot even imagine. We heard on the news someone died down the coast from a sneaker wave, it could have been one of my kids. Thank you Jesus for keeping all of us safe, and keeping us from tragedy.

**My mom would like to thank her boot camp teacher for giving her the stamina to hold Jakey up so high and keep him safe. My dad twisted his knee saving people, and so has been resting and icing his knee, and both of them are taking Advil for being so sore. I guess that's what happens when you risk your life to save people when you're getting older:) But Andrew and my parents are truly my heroes for springing into action, and saving my babies. And now we all have seen the power of the ocean that you always hear about, but now I will NEVER let my kids play by the ocean without watching them like a hawk! Thank you for keeping us safe, Lord.


steven said...

I really like this :)

Chantel said...

That's scary! And you are in no way a bad mom. There is no way for you to have known that wave was coming. Remember Nemo! Just thank God that everybody made it home okay! We need to get together this week!

Isaac said...

Wow!! Thank You Jesus!! And your family :)

Nancy Hopkins said...

Glad you are ALL safe. Your mom really is a remarkable lady. I think all mom's are ... even you :)

Dawnelle said...

that is SO scary, I can't believe how fast that must have come in. How awful. So glad everyone is ok!

Diane said...

Oh Nadia, this brought tears to my eyes. I can't even begin to imagine how scared you all much have been. This is just way too close. I agree, your Mom is an amazing lady and your Dad is pretty amazing too for risking his life to save others.
May God continue to bless you and your family. I'm so grateful that you are all OK.
Give your Mom a hug from us.:)