Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Beach

We've had a very relaxing time at the beach, minus our wake up call with the sneaker wave. My parents are always so helpful with the boys, and Andrew and I both enjoyed sleeping in today, and waking up with a hot breakfast. Spoiled:)

Here's my amazing parents who let us join them on their trip...isn't that an awesome shot?

Here's my little man, he's really starting to talk in sentences (that I'm sure just we can understand), and learning how to obey. Learning.

My mom and me, dry.
What a great Nana
Out for a little bike ride...he's kind of a stud:)
Running with my biker

Feeding the birds...have I mentioned how I HATE seagulls...

Playing with my baby...
My two boys...who I am SO thankful to be holding both of them.


Amy said...

SO glad you are all okay! Looks like such a nice weekend!

nate and anne said...

love the beach pictures of all of you, your boys are getting so big! And are SO handsome! :)

Libby said...

I'm so happy everyone is okay after the chaos. Looks like a beautiful weekend!