Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finally Getting Around...

Here's a little bit of what we've been up to...starting with Noah in a dress. Yes, this makes Andrew very proud...or shall I say uncomfortable:) He came out to me one day wearing a blanket and asking if I liked his beautiful dress? Of course I did;-) But it kept falling off, so we had to make our own with one of my tanks...and he loved it. He liked to spin and watch it was so cute. I may or may not have encouraged it...

Here he is just playing in his messy playroom, looking through his binoculars backwards...hmmm. And here's this little treat, Noah in action. I am so excited I'll have this for years to come!

And then I have this munchkin. He is so funny these days. He's been in to coloring on himself with markers, so tonight I was finishing making chicken soup in the kitchen and Andrew asked me, "Do you think Jakey is going to go through puberty early?" I thought it was such a random question until I looked over at Jakey...covered with facial hair. Nice.

These last few days have been busy, but I'm not really sure why, we haven't really been doing much besides school, the gym, and people's houses. I just feel like I need to get caught up with life (and my house) so I can relax and enjoy my time with these hilarious boys. We're looking forward to sledding Saturday with some friends, and then Superbowl Sunday!

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