Friday, September 4, 2009

My Boys!

I am loving the ages my boys are at right now, it's such a joy being their mom! We have had lots of those special moments with Noah where we have gotten a glimpse inside his head and see a little of what he's thinking. When I was driving home at night from swimming with Noah one night, he said, "Mom, God is holding our car protecting us." It makes me think about what he can see that we can't. So sweet. He has been really into asking "why?" To which I reply, "why do you think?" His answer is mostly because that's how God wants it to be. He is very into his friends, and develping those relationships...all the time. He always wants to have a friend around. I have been so pleased with his mannors lately, where he's been saying, "No, but thank you though!" He also is getting better at writing his the N looks like a very long mountain chain, the "O" is pretty good, the "a" is simply an "o" with a tail, and his "H" is a nice bridge. And of course the letters are all over the page. :)

Jakey is also developing quite the personality! He is talking alot, of course I'm sure I'm the only one who can understand him. He knows just what he wants and when he wants to do things. He also has lots of his "favorites." Crackers, or actually just food in general, his cars, trucks, and trains, balls, running, and screaming. Yes, screaming. He runs from Noah with a life-size shark funny. He is attached to his blankey...and in the past week has started sucking on it all the time...gross.

I love my boys and love being their mom! We had a great day at the zoo today with Gina and Cade, and I'm looking forward to many more "mommy" days with them!

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